FAQ – Our Pizza


There’s a lot of talk about making dough fresh at the restaurant. What’s the big deal?

Simply put, making dough from scratch with traditional methods makes for a more flavorful and authentic pizza crust! Every pizza is hand-crafted by our “sauce bosses” made-to-order and is cut by hand, fresh out of the oven.

What is your top-selling pizza?

The fan favorite is: (drumroll please…) pepperoni! But the classic cheese comes in as a close second place.

What seasonings do you use in your sauce?

Besides sourcing our tomatoes from 100 percent vine-ripened California tomatoes, we perfectly season our sauce with spices and herbs like oregano, basil, garlic, black pepper, and onions.

Can I take home my leftover pizza?

Absolutely! Once you have finished, ask one of our cast members to box up your leftovers in a to-go box. We will be surprised if the pizza makes it home without any more nibbles!

Do you have gluten-free offerings?

Yes, we offer an individual size gluten-free pizza. Our Smart Flour™ crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings are gluten-free. However, you need to know that this pizza is prepared in a shared kitchen, so we cannot guarantee it will be completely free of gluten.