History of Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. through the years, with 6 different Chuck E.'s

About us

Chuck E. Cheese is the place Where A Kid Can Be A Kid®, hosting half a million kids birthday parties every year, and where positive, lifelong memories for families are made through arcade games, pizza, and family friendly entertainment.

How we started

Chuck E. Cheese began in the late 70s as a groundbreaking & innovative concept bringing pizza, games and entertainment all under one roof. Founded, by Nolan Bushnell, the co-founder of Atari, first known as Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre, was the first interactive entertainment restaurant for families. While our name has changed to Chuck E. Cheese and our experience looks a bit different, we still provide the best family entertainment with arcade games and pizza to this day.

Chuck E. Cheese pizza time theatre original sign and llgo

Chuck E. Cheese Milestones

Arcade Games

With over 2 billion game plays per year, Chuck E. Cheese offers the most popular arcade, sports and kid-focused games with varying skill levels for multiplayer games and players of all ages. With All You Can Play, gameplay is both affordable and easy.

Family Entertainment

Chuck E. Cheese and friends are one of the most recognized and cherished characters in the U.S. with their evolution from animatronics in each store to curating kid-friendly entertainment on multiple channels.

Pizza Restaurant

Using fresh dough and ingredients, Chuck E. Cheese pizza includes a family restaurant environment with delicious pizza. We are the largest pizza place with arcade games in the world!

Birthday Celebration

We are the birthday capital of the universe celebrating kids birthday parties for over 45 years.

Looking for something else?

Book A Kids Birthday Party

Let’s party! Select from Super, Mega or Ultimate Fun birthday packages and let your Birthday Star shine on their special day.


Kids arcade games are the perfect way to score points on family fun! Earn as many points as you can and redeem for your favorite prize.

Pizza Restaurant

Hot and cheesy pizza in a family restaurant near you! The kids can play, eat, and the parents can relax knowing everyone’s happy!