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Reward your kids with family fun

Looking for a fun and free way to motivate your kiddos to do their chores, finish their homework, practice their teamwork skills and more? Download, print and track progress on our Chuck E. Cheese Rewards Calendars and Behavior Charts for Kids.

Awards and rewards

Download and print out Chuck E.’s Awards & Rewards certificates, then bring them in to Chuck E. Cheese’s for 10 free points to use on games, pizza and more!

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Tooth Fairy Award

Turn a lost tooth into a celebration with the Tooth Fairy Award from Chuck E. Cheese. The next time your kids lose a loose tooth, reward them with 10 free play points to use on their next visit!

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Super Student Award

Make your student feel proud of their accomplishments. Give them the Super Student Award from Chuck E. Cheese — worth 10 free play points to use on their next visit!


Sports Rewards I

Reward your kids for best attitude, team spirit, improvement and sportsmanship. Each award means 10 free play points to use on their next visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

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Sports Rewards 2

They gave their best all season long. Reward their efforts with special Chuck E. Cheese Sport Awards! Best helper, listener, effort and hustle accomplishments earn them 10 free play points to use on their next visit.


Graduation Certificate

Make your student feel proud of Congratulate your kids on their amazing achievement with our Graduation Award and help them celebrate with 10 free play points to use on their next Chuck E. Cheese adventure.


Good Patient Award

Was your kid an extra awesome patient on their last appointment? Let them know how proud you are with a Chuck E. Cheese Good Patient Award—worth 10 free play points to use on their next visit!


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Terrific Teeth

Brush, floss, rinse, reward! Try this Terrific Teeth incentive chart to help your kids develop better teeth brushing habits.


Team Player

Teach kids how to be a team player, and reward them for each amazing accomplishment.

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Table Manners

Get your kids to use good manners at the dinner table with this rewards-based Table Manners Calendar. They can earn rewards and show off their new found table talents on their next visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

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Reading Rewards – Spanish

They gave their best all season long. Say Hola to better Spanish skills! Track study and knowledge progress with this free rewards calendar.


Reading Rewards – English

Keep their bookworm skills strong with this reading rewards chart for kids. The more they read, the more rewards they can earn.

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Potty Perfect

Keep track of kids potty progress and leave diapers in the dust with this free, printable toddler reward system calendar.

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No Nose Picking

Help keep their noses finger-free with this incentive chart for pre-schoolers. Kids will love earning fun Chuck E. Cheese’s rewards!


Magical Music

Motivate kids to practice their musical instrument, download this Magical Music Calendar to track their practices and progress.

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Let’s Get Dressed

Your little one is doing a great job of dressing themselves now! Mark it all down and reward them every two weeks.

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Homework First

Need some good rewards for kids? Give them high marks for their outstanding schoolwork. Track two weeks of great effort for some fun rewards and a special trip to Chuck E. Cheese


Half Birthday

Half Birthdays deserve celebrating too! Countdown to turning half a year older.

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Great Listener

Need some ideas for good rewards for kids? Turn life skills, like listening, into a game with this free downloadable calendar.

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Done With Thumbs

Help kids break the thumb sucking habit for good with our free downloadable calendar that lets you track and reward their progress.


Daily Chores

They’ll help around the house more every day when there’s play at the end of it all! With this simple chore and kids reward system, the more they do, the more rewards they can earn to use at Chuck E. Cheese

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Clean Room

A clean room. Rewards coupons to go with it. Double score! Adding in some Chuck E. fun will help them knock out those room cleaning chores fast.

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Good Behavior

Mark off every day they are awesome with this kids behavior chart , and they’ll enjoy the awesome rewards every two weeks.


100th Day of School

Keep track of the school year, mark down important events and activities and earn rewards along the way. This calendar makes it easy.

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Good Eater

Carrots? All gone! Apple? Gobbled it up. Even the pickiest eaters will have fun tracking their healthy eating goals with our printable kids reward system calendar.

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Awesome Kid Calendar

Your kid ROCKS! Track their awesomeness and reward their accomplishments.