FAQ – International franchising


What makes an ideal international Chuck E. Cheese site?

Numerous factors go into what makes a successful Chuck E. Cheese site, but most successful sites all are located in areas with:

  • An affinity for U.S. brands.
  • A lack of a family entertainment options like Chuck E. Cheese.
  • An urbanized population of kids and families who can afford Chuck E. Cheese.
What is the size of a standard international Chuck E. Cheese?

The size of an international Chuck E. Cheese varies by market, location type, and real estate availability, but they typically range from 1,000 M2 to 1,400 M2 and have 55-85 arcade style games.

What are the standard fees to be paid?

This information will be included in the franchise informational packet after the application review.

What are ongoing royalties?

Chuck E. Cheese has a monthly royalty rate of 5% sales and a monthly marketing and entertainment contribution of 0.75% of sales.

How much available cash or equity does a franchise need?

Minimum liquidity (USD) of $1.5 million and a net worth of $2.5 million to be dedicated to the Chuck E. Cheese investment.

We offer three investment options:

  1. Opening 1-5 stores would require a minimum of $2.5 – $3.5 million USD net worth and $1.5 – $2.5 million liquidity USD
  2. Opening 5 to 15 stores would require a minimum of $4.5 – $7 million USD net worth and $3.5 million – $5.5 million liquidity USD
  3. Opening 15 to 25 stores would require a minimum of $7 million – $12 million USD in net worth and $5.5 million USD to $9 million liquidity USD
Does Chuck E. Cheese offer financing for franchise locations?

Chuck E. Cheese does not offer financing, but options for financing include bank loans or bringing on additional equity partners.

Is there a limit to the number of business partners that I can have?

No, there is not a limit to the number of partners as long as one of the partners has a voting majority of the share and all of the partners clear the Patriot Act background checks as required by U.S. law.

Can I have other businesses or employment?

Yes, you can have other businesses, and many of our franchisees have Chuck E. Cheese as a way of diversifying their business portfolio.

Will Chuck E. Cheese help me find a location? What can I expect from Chuck E. Cheese to build out my region?

Yes, Chuck E. Cheese will work closely with you and assist you and your team on market mapping, real estate and site selection, lease negotiation, and project management support for your new store.

What prior experience do I need to franchise a Chuck E. Cheese?

We would like our partners to have proven success running businesses in their market, but their background does not necessarily need to be in restaurants or entertainment.

What ongoing support can I expect from Chuck E. Cheese?

Chuck E. Cheese offers ongoing, hands-on support in the following areas: real estate, site selection, architecture, market mapping, lease terms, project management, supply chain, menu, pricing, operations, ongoing training, marketing, advertising, games support/ buying, content creation, and financial analysis.

How does Chuck E. Cheese support Operations and Training on an ongoing basis?

Chuck E. Cheese provides ongoing operational and marketing support to make sure that stores are run efficiently and profitably. We work closely with you and your operations team to overcome any issues regarding the operations of the store.

How does Chuck E. Cheese offer marketing support for my region?

Chuck E. Cheese provides ongoing marketing support in the form of marketing strategy, sales strategy, menu and pricing consultation, advertising support, advertising materials, and ongoing support for your local marketing team and agencies.

How does Chuck E. Cheese support me for technological innovations?

Chuck E. Cheese as a brand is at the forefront of technological innovations in the entertainment industry, and as a franchise partner, cost savings and innovations are passed on to our franchise partners.