What’s NEw

What’s new at Chuck E. Cheese?

Pretty much everything! We’ve added new and refreshed games, an interactive dance floor, live shows, awesome new prizes, and new food (including a Grown-Up menu)… just to name a few!

Does my Chuck E. Cheese have new games?

New and/or refreshed games are continuously being added to your favorite location, making the game play experience newer, almost every visit. Did you know that you can get up to 100 game plays per hour with All You Can Play, and that Chuck E. Cheese has an average of 50 games per location?*

What is Play Pass?

Play Pass is our new, token-less game play feature that makes gaming even easier. You set the amount of play time or points, and the card automatically collects E-Tickets for easy redemption at the Prize Store. Plus, Play Pass and Play Bands (available in several colors!) are re-usable, so you can keep collecting! Just add points or minutes at our All You Can Play kiosk.

What’s the difference between Minutes and Points for game play?

Guests can choose to add either Points or Minutes when making a game play purchase. Each can be purchased in tiers, ranging from as little as 30 Points or Minutes, all the way up to 120 Points or Minutes (ranges may be higher at some locations). With either option, E-Tickets earned from game play are automatically loaded on to your Play Pass card or band and can be redeemed at the Prize Store.

Points allow kids to play at their own pace. Each game is activated by a certain number of Points, reduced from the Play Pass card or band when the game is tapped. Points can be saved for another visit, just keep your Play Pass card or band for when you return.

Minutes allow kids to play as many games as they want, within a certain amount of time, regardless of the number of points needed to play each game. Time can be paused once during your visit, just do so by tapping your card at any All You Can Play kiosk. Minutes do not roll-over from visit to visit and expire at the end of the day purchased.

What are E-Tickets?

E-Tickets are… well, tickets! However, rather than carrying around a cup of Tickets during your visit, E-Tickets earned from game play are automatically added to your Play Pass Card or Band. Once you’ve finished playing, just take your Play Pass Card or Band to the Prize Store and redeem for treats, take-home games and swag.

E-Tickets can be carried over from visit to visit, just make sure you bring this same card back. – Play Pass Cards and Bands can also be reused, so you can add more game play points or time and continue earning when you come back in.

How often can I see Chuck E. Cheese live during my visit?

Get your groove on with Chuck E. every visit! We want everyone to have a chance to participate in a live show, if you haven’t had a chance to dance with Chuck E. yet, chat with a cast member to see when the next performance will take place!

What is the interactive Dance Floor?

Our interactive Dance Floor is THE place to be for dance parties! Challenge friends (or parents) to a dance off or run and jump as icons on the floor disperse with your movements.

What is the Jumbo Video Wall?

Our large format video wall, plus audio connected throughout our Fun Centers provide a more immersive entertainment experience for everyday visits, and birthday parties! The Jumbo Video Wall creates a concert-like experience featuring new songs and videos, paired perfectly with our new interactive dance floor. lay  for a dance party P.S. This is where you’ll see new music, dances, and episodes from Chuck E. and friends.

What is included in Newer Better Birthday party packages?

As the Birthday Capital of the Universe™, we’re always making birthdays bigger and better! Birthday packages include game play, handmade pizza, our one-of-a-kind Ticket Blaster experience Birthday swag, and more. Plus, our all-new LIVE Birthday Show with Chuck E. Cheese, which includes an American Sign Language version for our deaf and hard of hearing guests, developed in partnership with KidzBop. Learn more kids birthday parties or book a party here.

What’s the Grown-Up menu?

At a brand where Kids come first, a Grown-Up Menu is a must. – Our twist on the traditional kids’ menu includes specialty pizzas, like the Spicy Hawaiian or Homestyle BBQ Chicken, Lemon Pepper wings, new Saucy Meatballs & more. Top it off with a new Buddy V.’s Cake Slice, available in Confetti, Vanilla Rainbow and Chocolate Fudge. – The Grown-Up menu is available for dine-in, delivery or carryout. Learn more about the Grown-Up menu here

How do I find out if my location has a Trampoline Zone?

Made specifically for kids, with safety in mind, kids must be UNDER 52” to enter. The all-new Chuck E. Cheese Trampoline Zone attraction is available at select Chuck E. Cheese locations only (but stay tuned, locations are being added all the time!). Learn more about Trampoline Zone or find a location here.

Why did you launch a Grown-Up Menu?

Our pizzas are legendary and have been loved by both kids and adults for nearly 50 years. As family dining continues to evolve, we felt it was the perfect time to create new and robust flavor options just for the grown-ups to enjoy! Paired perfectly with any of our standard Chuck E. Cheese menu items.

Is the Grown-Up Menu available for delivery? If so, where?

Yes, all items on the Grown-Up Menu are available for delivery. Click here to order now.