1,000 E-Tickets Promotion

How can I get 1,000 Bonus E-Tickets?

Visit our 1,000 E-Tickets page to view the coupon. Coupons are based on the minutes allotment of All You Can Play you’re purchasing (60, 90 or 120 minutes). Print or have the coupon you’d like to use ready on your mobile device, and show this to a cast member when making your games purchase. E-Tickets will be loaded automatically to your Play Pass Card. Be sure to use your E-Tickets the same day of coupon use, as they will expire at the end of the day.  

How do I use my 1,000 Bonus E-Tickets coupon?
  1. Visit your favorite location 
  2. Print the coupon or have it ready on your mobile device 
  3. Show it to a cast member when ordering 
  4. Redeem your E-Tickets the same day you redeem your coupon. E-Tickets will automatically be loaded onto your Play Pass card! 
How many minutes of All You Can Play do I need to purchase to get 1,000 Bonus E-Tickets?

A minimum of 60-minutes must be purchase to use this coupon. However, you can purchase anywhere between 60 and 120.  

When do my Bonus E-Tickets expire?

Bonus E-Tickets must be used the same day of coupon use. 

Can I use my Bonus E-Tickets in combination with the E-Tickets I earn that day, or already have?

Yes, absolutely! Bonus E-Tickets are intended to boost the number of / level of prizes that you receive that day. We encourage you to pair these with E-Tickets you already have, or earn during game play that day. 

Can I use more than one 1,000 E-Ticket coupon on my purchase?

Unfortunately, not. Only one Bonus E-Ticket coupon may be used per person, per visit.