Chuck E. Cheese and LankyBox Kitchen Announce LankyBox Kitchen Bundle Available In-Store


Unwrap the Fun with The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle featuring Kid-Friendly Signature Dishes, Exclusive Content, and Packaging with Fan-Favorite Characters Available to Order in all Chuck E. Cheese Fun Centers

Los Angeles, CA APRIL 11, 2023Chuck E. Cheese, the beloved family entertainment center and LankyBox Kitchen are thrilled to announce their latest collaboration, the LankyBox Kitchen Bundle . Starting at $15.99, the bundle is now available at Chuck E. Cheese fun centers nationwide and features its signature packaging, complete with images of the brand’s famous characters, Foxy, Boxy, Rocky, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky and LankyBot. The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle also includes a QR code for unique rewards, plus 100 E-tickets, and LankyBox trading cards, available while supplies last. Ranging from common, rare to super rare, trading cards feature 20 different eye-catching and vibrant designs.

The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle offers guests a choice of signature mac & cheese including classic, buffalo, or pizza mac & cheese flavors, in addition to “Foxy Churros,” the brand’s multi-colored, dessert dusted with cotton candy, sour apple & blue raspberry sugar. Chuck E. Cheese and LankyBox Kitchen are excited to bring this collaboration to life, which was announced last November as the newest delivery-only restaurant brand. With Chuck E. Cheese being the largest family entertainment center and restaurant brand in America, and LankyBox being one of the world’s most popular YouTube entertainment brands, the partnership was a natural fit.

“We are thrilled to partner with LankyBox and bring their fun and imaginative characters to life through The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle,” said David McKillips, President and CEO of CEC Entertainment – parent company of Chuck E. Cheese. “At Chuck E Cheese, we are always looking for new ways to deliver great food and entertainment experiences to families nationwide. The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle is an exciting addition to our Deals menu and we can’t wait for our guests to enjoy it along with the exclusive LankyBox content that comes with it. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing the best family entertainment experience possible.”

Last November, Chuck E. Cheese began its collaboration with Virtual Dining Concepts to launch LankyBox Kitchen with a menuof great-tasting, kid-friendly dishes, inspired by LankyBox characters, available for delivery only. The menu was developed with families in mind, providing custom packaging featuring LankyBox’s Foxy and Boxy. Each order provides fans with a fun box that includes exclusive LankyBox content accessed through a special QR code that links to a secret LankyBox video. The brand’s latest collaboration, a first of its kind in the virtual restaurant space, allows for further opportunity to enjoy LankyBox Kitchen’s most popular menu items, available to order in-restaurant at Chuck E. Cheese, for a limited time only.

“CEC and their visionary leader David McKillips have been true partners in the creation of LankyBox Kitchen,” said Robbie Earl, Co-Founder and President Virtual Dining Concepts. “This on-menu collaboration marks a historic moment in the virtual brands industry. Fans for the first time ever will be able to experience a virtual brand on menu and in store! Bringing a truly 360 degree partnership to life. I’m excited for the industry to witness the power of virtual brands in driving not only delivery traffic, but foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.“ The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle is now available at Chuck E. Cheese fun centers nationwide. For more information, visit LankyBox Kitchen is available for delivery in select cities across the U.S. Follow @lankyboxkitchen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for continued updates on all offerings. To order LankyBox Kitchen, please visit the website here or via 3rd party delivery apps.