LankyBox Kitchen is a family-friendly virtual restaurant brand served from the kitchens of Chuck E. Cheese.

Exclusive Trading Cards

Now included with every delivery order and every dine-in LankyBox Kitchen Bundle purchased, while supplies last! See FAQs below for how to order.

Lankybox Kitchen Bundle

Your choice of one flavor Mac-n-Cheese (Classic, Buffalo, and Pizza), Foxy Churros, 1 pack of LankyBox Trading Cards, plus 100 E-Tickets!

Available at participating locations while supplies last.

Ordering Lankybox Kitchen for Delivery

What is the LankyBox Trading Card Program?

The LankyBox Kitchen Trading Card Program is a limited time promotion. A randomized 3 pack of LankyBox Kitchen trading cards will be provided in every order while supplies last.

How many cards can I collect?

There are 20 different trading cards to collect, and each pack contains 3 cards. We encourage you to try and collect them all!

Where can I get the LankyBox Kitchen trading cards?

LankyBox Kitchen trading cards will be provided to every customer who makes a purchase from LankyBox Kitchen. The trading cards will be included in every order while supplies last

How long will the trading card program be live?

The trading card program will launch on March 8th while supplies last.

What is LankyBox Kitchen?

Awesome personal pizzas, delicious mac n cheese, baked loaded fries and FUN! LankyBox Kitchen is a family-friendly virtual restaurant brand served from the kitchens of Chuck E. Cheese available for delivery only. It was created by Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur from LankyBox, the one of the top kid’s content creator in the United States and by Virtual Dining Concepts, the leaders in the delivery only restaurant business. LankyBox Kitchen is a unique and family friendly food concept designed for their built-in and loyal community. Love pizza and mac and cheese as much as they do? Order Now! Want to know more? Check out the FAQ and learn more in their About page.

Where is LankyBox Kitchen located?

LankyBox Kitchen is a delivery only food brand made from the kitchens of Chuck E. Cheese in over 460+ locations across the United States. We deliver within 5-10 miles of Chuck E. Cheese fun centers. Click here to enter your delivery address and see if they deliver personal pizzas, wings and loaded fries to your area.

Do you have pizza delivery near me? Where do you deliver?

They deliver within 5-10 miles of our kitchens. Enter your address in our Order page to see if they deliver LankyBox Kitchen to your neighborhood.

Can I purchase LankyBox at a Chuck E. Cheese location near me?

No. LankyBox Kitchen is a virtual kitchen food brand that leverages the Chuck E. Cheese kitchens but is only available via delivery. Enter your address in the Order page to see if they deliver LankyBox Kitchen to your neighborhood.

When is LankyBox Kitchen coming to my area?

LankyBox Kitchen™ is growing fast. If they are not yet delivering in your city, please fill out this form and let them know where you want Foxy and Boxy’s pizzas and wings near you.

Can I pick up my order from LankyBox Kitchen? Do you offer takeout?

No, LankyBox Kitchen is only available for delivery.

What are your hours? What times is LankyBox Kitchen open?

Get lunch, dinner and late night family food and fun delivered today. They are open for delivery seven days a week. Hours of operation vary by location, including national holidays.

Does LankyBox Kitchen offer late night food delivery?

Got late night cravings for personal pizza, loaded cheesy mac and cheese, and wings? Enter your address in our Order page to find late night food delivery in your area. Hours vary by location.

Where can I find nutritional information?

For nutritional information, please download the Nutrition Guide.

Do you offer LankyBox Kitchen discount codes or coupons?

Join The LankyBox Kitchen Clubhere to receive LankyBox Kitchen special offers, coupons and promotions via text. They promise to only send you awesome deals. No spam! From time to time they also partner with 3rd party delivery services to offer special promotions. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook.

Ordering Lankybox Kitchen Bundle at Chuck E. Cheese

What is the LankyBox Kitchen Bundle?

For the first time-ever, Chuck E. Cheese and LankyBox Kitchen have created a limited-time bundle for LB fans to enjoy exclusively at Chuck E. Cheese Fun Centers nationwide. It includes (1) mac and cheese, Foxy Churros, 1 set of exclusive and limited-edition trading cards featuring LankyBox characters, and 100 E-Tickets to enjoy a day of play and a delicious kid-friendly meal.

How long will this bundle be available?

The LB Bundle is a limited time offer so enjoy it before it’s gone.

Can I substitute anything in the bundle for something else?

At this time, no, the LankyBox Kitchen Bundle does not have substitutions other than the choices of Mac-n-Cheese that are already available. Additional LankyBox Kitchen food and flavors are available to order at!

What’s the calorie count for this bundle?

Calories vary based on the type of Mac & Cheese selected, but range from 1,110 – 1,340 Calories for the entire bundle

Can I order the LankyBox Kitchen Bundle at home?

The LankyBox Kitchen Bundle is exclusively available at Chuck E. Cheese and for Dine-In only. You can continue to order and enjoy LankyBox Kitchen for delivery at home at