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Spring Exercise Ideas for Kids

With the arrival of spring and nicer weather, everyone starts to feel that itch to get out into the world and enjoy the sunshine and outdoors- including your kids! We have included a list of exercises for kids that are easy to incorporate into a family workout or do at home.

How Much Exercise Does a Kid Need?

We know kids seem to have limitless energy and enthusiasm, so this is a great question! According to the Center for Disease Control, “Kids between ages 6 and 17 are recommended to do one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.” (CDC). An hour may seem lengthy, but start by trying to incorporate it into your weekday morning or afternoon routine.

Why is Exercise Important for Kids?

There are so many benefits to fitting fun exercises for kids into your daily routine. Not only will this help them with their energy levels, but exercise is important for strengthening bones and muscles, especially in kids. Getting up and moving is also a great way to counteract sitting all day, especially for school aged kids. Lastly, working out pumps out endorphins and is a mood booster no matter your age.

Exercises for Kids:

Boy on exercise ball

  • Exercise Ball– Using the exercise ball is a great indoor activity that allows kids to build core strength and flexibility. With adult supervision, kids can bounce on the ball while watching TV for a good balancing exercise. They also can try lifting and carrying the ball for a strength activity!
  • Obstacle Course– Set up a fun backyard obstacle course and have your kids race! You can set up a course with very little prep. Get out your hula hoops, kiddie pool, and jump ropes to build out a fun and exciting obstacle course, perfect for a weekend activity.

Kids on a trampoline

  •  Trampoline– Almost all kids beg for a trampoline at one point or another during their childhood, and they do have fitness benefits. They are a great way to practice flips and jumps if your child is interested in gymnastics or dance at all, and give kids a great contained area to work out the wiggles. Even if you don’t have room for a full sized trampoline, a mini indoor one is still a fun alternative for kids.
  •  Leg Raises– If you have a yoga mat, have your kids lie down flat on the mat, with their hands lying palms down on either side of their hips. Raise one leg at a time, with flexed toes, making sure your leg is the only part of the body that is moving. Have the kids try to do several repetitions on each leg.

Kids doing jumping jacks

  • Jumping Jacks– Jumping jacks are one of the best cardio moves out there! Have your kids do thirty seconds of jumping jack bursts to get the heart rate up and the blood pumping. Start standing up, with knees slightly bent and your hands by your sides. Jump as high as possible and extend your arms out to the sides. Land in the same position, and repeat this movement.
  • Mountain Climbers– Mountain climbers are another simple exercise for kids. First, show your kids how to do a high plank position, with their stomach tucked in, and their toes pointed down. Then have them alternate bringing their right knee in to their right elbow, and then back out. Repeat this on the left side, and demonstrate how to speed up this movement.
  • The Inchworm– Much like the animal this exercise is named after, the idea is to make the same motion as an inchworm crawling. This means starting in a forward fold position, with your head down between your knees. Next, crawl your hands forward until you are in a high plank position. Hold the plank pose for a minute, then walk your feet up to meet your hands. That’s the inchworm! If you continue to repeat this exercise you are guaranteed to feel a good burn.
  • Rocket Jumps– Blast off! Start by squatting and trying to touch your hands to the floor. From there, pop up like a rocket and jump into the air and repeat.
  • Crab Crawl– Another fun animal inspired work out move is the crab crawl. Start out laying on your back with your feet hip width distance apart. Raise yourself onto your hands and feet, with your fingers pointing in towards your body. This will give you a good wrist stretch, especially good for kids and adults alike who spend a lot of the day writing or typing. Walk back and forth in this posture to work your shoulders and abs.

Are you in search of a great exercise playlist for kids? Kids can dance along with our Chuck E. Youtube channel if you are in search of kid friendly videos and music. Additionally, if you are looking for more spring related ideas for kids, check out our Spring Break Activities for Kids.