Kid-Friendly Spring Break Activities

It isn’t hard to plan a fun kid-friendly spring break at home. Spend some time prior to the start of your kid’s spring break to sit down and plan out some budget friendly activities that are sure to leave your kids talking about their spring break for weeks to come!

Clear out the Living Room and Build a Blanket Fort: There is nothing like turning a corner of your home into a cozy indoor fort. Perfect for hiding away and watching movies or reading books, your kids will get so excited to have the opportunity to turn the living room into a blanket fort! Help them with their fort building by getting out a stack of pillow and blankets, and make sure to grab some binder clips to hook all of your blankets together to avoid a fort collapse!

Game pieces

Stay up Past Bedtime Playing Board Games: One of the many joys of being on a school vacation is the freedom to stay up late! You can throw the school routine out for the week, and enjoy a more flexible schedule. When your kids need a break from their screen time, break out your favorite board games! Put on your comfy pajamas and introduce them to your favorite boardgames from childhood.

Child on swing

Find a Playground: Enjoy some fresh air during your break! Get outside to one of your local playgrounds for some easy outdoor fun. Invite some of your friends and their kids to join in and make it a group outing.

Girl holding carrots

Get Started on Your Garden: Gardening for kids is such a rewarding way to teach your children to love and nurture growing plants! This is also a great way to show them how our food is grown in an interactive way. Start with green beans, peas, squash, or sunflower seeds as those seeds will sprout the fastest. Your kids will love getting to dig the holes for the garden and spending time watering the garden each day!

girl playing with clay

Springtime Crafts: Spring time brings a whole new season of fun hands-on crafts and activities. If you are looking to get messy with it, try out one of these playdough recipes.  Some other fun ideas include making origami flowers, painting a spring nature scene with finger paints, or making rainbows out of buttons.

Sidewalk Chalk Art: On a beautiful afternoon where there is nothing better than being outside, get creative with sidewalk chalk for kids! Even if you do not have a big driveway for kids to draw on, venture around your neighborhood for a nice spot where your kids can draw and play.

Dad reading to daughter

Pick out a Book and Read:  Have your kids set book related goals at the beginning of the break. Whether that goal is to read five picture books or read 100 pages of a novel, have them write down their goals and make a plan to accomplish them by the end of the break. Set aside some time each afternoon as dedicated reading time, and offer to sit down and read with your kids as encouragement.

Boy playing puppets

Have a Puppet Show: Another perfect staycation idea is to let your children put on a show for you! Even if you do not own any hand puppets, your kids can still put on their puppet show with regular stuffed animals. Turn a corner of your home into a stage for them to perform on and watch their imaginations run wild.