Play Pass

Chuck E.’s Play Pass is the latest and greatest way for you and your family to experience Chuck E. Cheese. Play Pass is a tap-to-play game card system that has replaced tokens at participating store locations. The Play Pass card provides an easier and cleaner way for you and your family to enjoy playing in store. When you arrive at Chuck E., guests are offered the option to either buy time or points, which will then be loaded onto their Play Pass card at the register.

Check Balance

Play Pass Card Number

How Play Pass Works:

Purchase Time and All You Can Play Games

When you opt to purchase time, you will get to pick a set amount of play time instead of points, and your kids get access to all the games they can play, as many times as they want within the purchase time-frame- no exceptions! All You Can Play is a great way to let kids try out every game in stores, including new games they have not tried before. The best part is that you have the option to pause your time to take a break to eat or take a restroom break. When your time is up, the Play Pass card will stop working. Time purchased expires at the end of date purchased. Guests can always return to the cashier or a Play Pass kiosk to reload more time if you want to keep playing!

Purchase Points

When you opt to purchase points, you will get to choose how many games you want to be able to play. This option is great for families with very young children who may only want to play for a few games and instead want to enjoy our in-store show and entertainment.

To play, hold your Play Pass up to the card reader on any game in store- it’s that easy! The card reader will also notify you of the remaining balance on your card.  If your kids have run out of points but want to continue the fun and keep playing- no worries! You can always top off cards and add more Play Points at any point during your visit. While in store, you can easily add points or more time to your Play Pass card at a kiosk or cashier station.

For parents concerned about their children accidently losing or dropping their card, we sell wearable play bands that can be used in place of a Play Pass card. The play bands come in a variety of fun colors, and are reusable item that can be saved and reloaded with points with future visits.

The best part is that if you have purchased points but do not use all of them during your visit, our Play Points do not expire. You can come back and re-use and add more points to your same Play Pass card in the future. Additionally, on our website guests are able to check the balance of their Play Pass card.

Chuck E.’s Play Pass card is also part of all three of our kids birthday packages. Each reserved child in a party will receive a Play Pass card pre-loaded with the amount of points that come with each of the package options. This means your party guests can get right to playing their favorite arcade games, eating pizza, and having a great time.