Chuck E. To The Moon

Chuck E. To The Moon

In a groundbreaking announcement that has taken the world by surprise, Chuck E. Cheese has declared his intention to visit the moon, believing it to be a celestial body made of the finest cheese.

Every small step for a mouse is a giant leap for mousekind. It’s not just about getting there; it’s about dancing on it!

Chuck E. Cheese

In preparation for his monumental mission, Chuck E. Cheese is transforming the iconic Ticket Blaster, typically a highlight experience at his legendary kids birthday parties, into a spacecraft engineered for lunar travel. This reimagined rocket will blast off, scattering over a million celebration tickets across the globe, symbolizing the joy & fun Chuck E. brings to families worldwide.

Top SpeedReally Fast
Fuel TypePure giggles
Powered ByTickets!
StorageBirthday Goodie Bags
Safety FeaturesLaughter-Lock system
Emergency SystemConfetti Ejector

To further fuel the excitement, Chuck E. is inviting children & families to learn some fun space facts on his YouTube video below, bridging the gap between imaginative space exploration & the real-world fun of a day spent at Chuck E. Cheese, the final fun-tier.

Join the mission

Join Chuck E. and make history on the moon. The Cheese Odyssey 1: The Ticket Blaster has seats available for two lucky guests!