Daily deals and a chance to win big

We’re announcing an awesome new deal every day from October 9th-13th for Rewards members. Come enjoy family fun, Boo-tacularTM treats, and a chance to win a FREE late-night kids’ party.

Five Days of Deals

We’re serving up a new deal every day, all week long. Score free E-Tickets, playtime offers, and more! Sign up for Chuck E. Cheese Rewards to get the daily deal in your inbox.

Chuck E.’s Big Night of Fun

Win an epic late-night party on October 27th for up to 10 kids. Get ready for spooky fun because the party lasts from 8pm-midnight.

This one-time party experience  includes set-up and clean-up, All You Can Play games, pizza, drinks, Dippin’ Dots® ice cream, and more. Plus, supervising adults get their own pizza and drinks.

How to Win

Every Chuck E. Cheese Rewards member will be entered to win Chuck E.’s Big Night of Fun, a late-night party for kids from 8pm-midnight on Oct. 27th.


What is the Five Nights of Fun at Chuck E. Cheese?

During our annual Chuck E. Cheese Halloween Boo-tacular this year, we decided to give our fans and guests something extra fun to look forward to during the Halloween season! For our millions of loyalty and reward members, we are gifting them surprise deals every night for five days and even giving them a first-ever opportunity to have a kid “late-over” party at one of our fun centers on the Friday before Halloween.

What is a late-over?

We know that kids love sleepovers but often for little ones, the full night activity can be overwhelming so instead, parents around the country, have embraced late-overs and what better place for a kid to host a late over than at Chuck E. Cheese Halloween Boo-Tacular!!

What are the offers on FNOF?

Its only for loyalty reward members and it will be a fun surprise every night sent to their inbox and uploaded to the app. Anyone who is a part of Chuck E. Cheese Rewards program from Oct. 9-13 will get access to these offers and also automatically be entered to win the Chuck E. Cheese Big Night of Fun party to be held only on October 27 from 8pm until midnight for up to 10 kids.

What is the Chuck E. Cheese Big Night of Fun Party?

The Chuck E. Cheese Big Night of Fun Party is a party for up to 10 kids at any participating Chuck E. Cheese fun center near them for October 27 from 8pm until midnight. The unforgettable experience will include pizza, drinks, playtime for the entire party, special Boo-Tacular treats and, of course, a special appearance by Chuck E. Cheese himself.

*See Terms & Conditions for details.