Thanksgiving Food Crafts to Create with Your Kids

Turkey Cupcakes

Looking to include your kids while cooking for the holidays this year? There are a ton of Thanksgiving food crafts for kids that the whole family will be excited to try out! While you cook the turkey and other sides, have your kids help out with these fun and easy food crafts that are sure to be the hit of the dessert table.

A fun twist on a chocolate cupcake, these turkey cupcakes are perfect to bring to any festive gathering. Bake your cupcakes in advance, and have your kids assist in frosting the cupcakes with chocolate icing. All you need are some Nutter Butter cookies, Swedish fish, edible eyes, and mini M&M’s and one fruit roll-up!

Pilgrim Hat Cookie

The best part about these cute cookies? They only involve three ingredients! These pilgrim hat cookies are portable, small, and low on the mess involved with other food crafts. We guarantee you and your kids won’t be able to resist snacking on these little cookie bites! 

 Rice Krispie Turkey Legs

Rice Krispie treats are an easy and underrated dessert options. Kids love the marshmallow flavor, and the cute drumstick shape! 

 Turkey Veggie Tray

Looking to provide a healthier option for your Thanksgiving spread this year? This turkey shaped veggie platter may even entice the pickiest of eaters to eat their vegetables! Your kids will love helping arrange the veggies to build out the turkey’s feathers, and the peppercorn head really ties the platter together!

 Fall Leaf Cookies

These sugar cookies are seasonally on point! The best part- the colorful fall foliage cookies are actually very simple to make. Food coloring is the secret ingredient that turns these cookies into all the colors of fall. Your kids will love molding these cookies into leaf shapes and watching them bake!

Thanksgiving Pretzel Treats

These pretzel treats are adorable and can be made by even the littlest of helpers! These little treats can be made in under ten minutes, and are super tasty. Who doesn’t love the pretzel and chocolate combination?

 Pumpkin Cheese Balls

For a more savory treat, try out this pumpkin cheese ball recipe! This is perfect to serve for any occasion during the holidays, whether for a potluck dinner as an appetizer, or for a holiday party.  Kids will enjoy helping mold the pumpkin ball into shape. 

 Waffle Cone Cornucopia

These waffle cone cornucopias make the cutest party favors for any event! Filled with holiday candy, all your guest will love snacking on these. Your kids will have so much fun stuffing the cones and building out their cornucopias! 

 Caramel Apple Slices on a Stick

Your guests will be asking where you purchased these gourmet treats when you make these caramel apple slices! Your kids can get creative decorating with different patterns and toppings. The best part about this treat is that you can make them in advance, and stick them in the freezer to harden overnight.