A spooky fog with electricity swirls around kids in costume. One girl is dressed like a skeleton and holds a cupcake. Two boys dressed as a mummy and vampire play a racing game. A mom and daughter dressed as a witch play a game.

October Means Boo-Tacular™ FUN!

What’s the defining moment for your family that signals the arrival of autumn? Is it the crunch of leaves piling up on the ground, or perhaps the first taste of pumpkin-spiced treats? Or, maybe it’s when Halloween candy shows up in grocery stores?

For us, it’s Halloween Boo-Tacular™. There’s zero doubt spooky season has officially arrived once pumpkin-shaped pizzas, slime desserts, and Chuck E.’s Haunted House Party have made their annual debut.


There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween with the family than at Chuck E. Cheese. Our Halloween Boo-Tacular™ celebration lasts all month long, so pick any day or night to come join the fun!

A boy dressed in costume as a zombie plays a shooting game with a boy dressed like a vampire.

All October, get 30 extra minutes of All You Can Play games FREE with the purchase of 60 minutes.* Plus, we believe that everything is more fun in costume, so kids who wear their costumes to Chuck E. Cheese will receive 100 FREE E-Tickets at the prize counter all month long.

If you’re hungry, order up our fan-favorite pumpkin-shaped pepperoni pizza! Cheese and smiling pepperoni slices top our pumpkin-shaped crust, along with two black olives for eyes. There’s no pumpkin on this pizza, though—we promise!

A spread of food on a purple table: a pumpkin shaped pizza, a giant cookie covered in slime and icing, a cupcake with a funny face and Dippin' Dots ice cream with a spooky eye and gummy worms.

For dessert, kids will drool over our not so scary Halloween food like our Giant Slime Cookie, Creepy Cupcake, and Dippin’ Dots® Eye Scream. All three desserts are topped with gooey, edible slime for a treat that’s as terrifying as it is tasty.

Plus, join Chuck E. Cheese every night starting at 6:30 p.m. for his hourly Haunted House Dance Party. Show off your best dance moves to score free candy from our official candy partners like Chupa Chups and Laffy Taffy and snap a picture with Chuck E. for the family scrapbook.

A dance party at Chuck E. Cheese with a bunch of kids in costume and Chuck E. The dance floor is colorful and filled with Halloween images.

The Halloween fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve pulled together some of our best ideas to help you make this Halloween one your family will remember for years to come. From Halloween costumes to family Halloween activities and more, we’ve got everything you need to have the silliest, spookiest October ever.


Of all the Halloween traditions to celebrate, we’re of the opinion that Halloween costumes are the most vital tradition of all. You can’t go trick or treating without one. And you’re definitely going to need one if you want to get in on Chuck E. Cheese’s offer of 100 FREE E-Tickets for kids who come in costume.

Does your family do store-bought children’s Halloween costumes or DIY homemade costumes? There’s no wrong answer here. But if you’re low on time or budget, we’ve pulled together a few simple kids’ Halloween costume ideas to make the process easy peasy.

Halloween Costume Idea #1 – Slice of Pizza

U-Create Crafts has a great DIY pizza slice costume that’s easy as pizza pie.

To make the crust, cut a large sheet of felt or butcher paper into a diamond shape with a hole in the center for your child’s head to fit through.

Then using other colors of felt or paper, cut out pizza toppings and glue them onto your crust: cheese, pepperoni slices, mushrooms, or whatever your kiddo likes best.

Check out U-Create Craft’s page for easy-to-follow instructions

Halloween Costume Idea #2 – Chuck E. Cheese Masks

Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese gives kids 100 FREE E-Tickets just for wearing their Halloween costume to Boo-Tacular™? It’s true! And to make it even easier for everyone, we’ve made DIY Halloween masks that you can print out, color, cut out, and wear

Kids can pick from Chuck E., Helen Henny, Jasper T. Jowls, and Super Munch. Find all four masks here and download for free!

If you feel very inspired by our masks, why not turn it into an entire costume? For example, pair a purple t-shirt, jeans, and a black cape with your Chuck E. mask and you’ll make a fantastic Count Chuckula!

Kids Halloween Activities

Halloween is a fantastic time for family Halloween activities. If you’re looking for new ideas that will get your kids excited, too, then check out our list of ideas. They’re perfect for kids’ Halloween parties, family Halloween events, or any excuse you can find to stir up a little Halloween fun.

Halloween Activity Idea #1 – Lollipop Ghosts

Three lollipops made to look like little ghosts with 2 black eyes and a little black ribbon.

Lollipop ghosts are a fun craft that your kids get to eat afterwards! With lollipops, tissue paper, and a bit of string, you can make adorable ghosties to decorate with, hang from trees, give away as gifts, or stick in your kiddo’s lunchbox.

Check out the Kids’ Activities Blog for an easy step-by-step guide on making your own lollipop ghosts.

Halloween Activity Idea #2 – Boo-Tacular™ Hallo-Weekend

Looking for nearby kids’ Halloween events or trick-or-treating alternatives? We’ve got a family friendly Halloween suggestion that’s sure to keep your kids’ Halloween spirits high.

Spend Halloweekend at Chuck E. Cheese Halloween Boo-Tacular™! Our Boo-Tacular™ event lasts all October long, but on Halloween weekend, we’re pulling out all the stops. Join us for nightly Halloween costume contests with prizes for all participants, and a special prize for our first-place winners.

Plus, take advantage of the spooky fun that’s happening all month long. Put a twist on family game night by heading to the arcade near you—Chuck E. Cheese! We’ve got arcade games for the whole family. During October, when you buy 60 minutes of All You Can Play arcade games you’ll get an extra 30 minutes FREE!*

And don’t forget to wear your costume! Kids who come in costume get 100 FREE E-Tickets to use on arcade prizes.

Halloween Activity Idea #2 – Slime Time

Two hands reaching in a bowl of pink slime.

Kids love making slime by the bucketful, and there’s no better time of year to indulge in slime silliness than Halloween. If you’ve never made it at home before, you’ll love how simple this gloopy goop is to make and customize.

Click here for our easy, step-by-step, fluffy slime recipe.

Don’t forget to add some Halloween magic! Use colors like orange, purple, and green to set a spooky-fun tone. Consider adding extra sensory elements like glitter, plastic spiders, and plastic eyeballs.

Want more slimy ideas? Catch this special Afternoon Fun Break episode where Chuck E. and KIDZBOP make slime together.

Sensory Friendly Halloween Fun

A graphic announcing Sensory Sensitive Sundays at Chuck E. Cheese with the whole band dressed in various costumes on a purple background with lightning and stars.

Not all kids like loud noises, crowds, and bright lights. We get that! We want our sensory-sensitive friends to feel welcome and experience Boo-Tacular™ fun on their terms, so we’re offering a special Halloween Sensory Sensitive Sunday.

In addition to dimming the lights and lowering the music and game volumes, we’ll also have specially-trained staff on hand, plus all the favorite parts of Boo-Tacular™ — from spooky snacks to dance parties with Chuck E. (and sugar-free candy!).

Click here for more information about Sensory Sensitive Sundays.

Don’t Miss Out On Halloween Boo-Tacular™!

Chuck E. Cheese Halloween Boo-Tacular™ is the fall fun your whole family will love. Find your nearest Chuck E. Cheese, grab your Halloween costume, and treat yourself to games, dancing, prizes, and slimy-good treats and eats all October long.

*Valid for a limited time (10/02/23 – 10/31/23) at participating locations. 30 Minutes of All You Can Play free with the purchase of 60 minutes of All You Can Play on same visit. Each 30 Minutes of All You Can Play free offer requires a 60 minute purchase. Activation of Play Pass card or band not included. Time expires on date of purchase. May not be combined with any other offer. 100 free E-Tickets for guests in costume only. Limit 1 per guest per day. Play Pass terms apply.