Kids and Mom dancing with Chuck E. on the dance floor


If you haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese recently, then you haven’t seen the NEW Chuck E. Cheese! All our fun centers are receiving renovations and updates to usher in a new era of family fun, making them NEWER and BETTER than ever before!


Get your game face on, because our game room is full of more games than ever. We’ve added the latest and greatest games that kids love to keep up with a new generation of players. In addition to all the new arcade games we’ve added, we also rotate games frequently so there’s always something new to keep your kids busy.

Father and daughter playing a blaster game in the arcade

Plus, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being able to let your kids play as they please. With All You Can Play, you choose the amount of time, and your kids can play as many games as they want as many times as they want. And with our proprietary Kid Check safety system, you can rest easy in a way you can’t at other large arcades.


The game room isn’t the only space that got a big update. We’ve also unveiled new entertainment in our showroom. Enjoy LIVE performances with Chuck E. every hour, including a brand-new birthday live show.

Chuck E. dancing with a birthday boy in red clothes and a silver birthday hat. There are balloons behind of all different colors

Let your kids go wild on our new interactive dance floors that dance along with you! These brightly lit floors are built with special sensors that respond to dancing feet, giving your kids a whole new way to stay active and work off some energy.

Chuck E. on the dance floor with a group of kids looking up at the camera and waving

Jam along with Chuck E. and all his pals as they perform on our new, jumbo-sized screens. Featuring fun songs, KIDZ BOP music videos, and other kid-friendly content, the music never stops and the fun goes on and on.

Don’t forget to stop in and check out our all-new trampoline zones at participating Chuck E. Cheese locations! Our trampolines are designed just for kids, so you don’t have to worry about little ones being trampled by adults like at other large trampoline parks. It’s way more fun when you know it’s safe!

Kids jumping in the trampoline zone


One thing that hasn’t changed? Our food is still—and will always—be made fresh daily. From kid’s pizza and other kid-friendly food your whole family loves to our all-new adult menu featuring new pizza toppings and robust flavors for refined palates, everyone can find something they like. Take a trip through our freshly-stocked salad bar and keep an eye out each season for limited-time treats.

A top down view of a hand grabbing a slice of pepperoni pizza, a hand grabbing a slice of homestyle BBQ pizza, and a fork grabbing some salad. Also present on table are a slice of rainbow cake, unicorn churros, wings, a giant warm cookie, a cup of fruit punch and a cup of Pepsi