Kids jumping in trampoline zone


So you’ve got kids with endless energy jumping all over the furniture, and find yourself searching “trampoline park near me.” We’ve got you, fun-loving parents! Chuck E. Cheese is now adding an indoor trampoline park ready to tire out those kids just in time for a nap. Forty-two locations currently have a jump zone with more on the way. Find out if your location has one or is getting one soon!


Most trampoline parks allow kids to play alongside teens and adults, but trampolines are more fun when they’re safe! That’s why we have height restrictions of 52” so that little kids can only jump with kids of the same size. And while outdoor trampolines can be dangerous and run down from the weather, our trampolines are indoors, well cared for, and away from the elements.

Kid holding his hand up to the height requirement for the trampoline zone

Small children need lots of time to be physically active every day. Not only for their health, but to encourage them to interact safely with others and discover what their body can do (so much!). Our trampoline zones are a perfect opportunity to add movement into an already fun-filled day at Chuck E. Cheese.


Add trampoline jumping to your dream birthday party. With the birthday party add on, you don’t need to choose between a birthday party at the trampoline park or the arcade. Your kid can have it all. It fits seamlessly into the party experience and will leave a lasting impression on the birthday kid and all their guests. Happy jumping!

Kids in the trampoline zone

Still curious?

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers. What time does the Chuck E. Cheese trampoline zone open and close? The trampoline park is open at the same time as the rest of Chuck E. Cheese. Check your local hours. Can I play the arcade games and use the trampoline with the same pass? Yes! Your All You Can Play pass will get you into the trampoline zone.