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Activities & Play Place for children with autism and special needs

Sensory Sensitive Sundays


Chuck E. Cheese's is proud to support families who have children with autism and other special needs. We offer a free sensory-friendly experience on the first Sunday of every month, with a trained and caring staff to ensure each guest has a fun-filled visit. We realize that the Chuck E. experience can be very stimulating for any child, and wanted to create an event that allows ALL kids to be a kid.

Some of the benefits of our Sensory Sensitive Sunday event include:

• Less crowding and a quieter restaurant environment
• Dimmed lighting
• The show and music turned down or off entirely
• Limited appearances by Chuck E. 
• Ability to order off of our full menu
• Access to play all games and rides
• All ages and siblings welcome
• No admission fee


In 2016, we partnered with the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) to develop the program. They showed us how to turn our restaurants into a sensory-friendly play place for children on the spectrum. They also gave us training materials to provide to our staff that explains what autism is, some of the characteristics that may be observed and useful tips for a fun morning at Chuck E. Cheese.


Click here for a list of Participating Locations.

Kid's Arcade & Entertainment Center Made Autism Friendly

When designing this event, we took great care to ensure elements of the restaurant were toned down to be more sensory-friendly for children of all ages. The sound effects and volume of arcade games are turned down or off to ensure kids can play all the games they want in a sensory-sensitive manner. We also turn down the volume of the in-store entertainment show, and only have Chuck E. come out for the Ticket Splash Show upon request, to be mindful of all children's needs. Additionally, in select locations, birthday parties can be coordinated during Sensory Sensitive Sundays events.

Best Kid's Menu & Pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's

Another bonus of our Sensory Sensitive events is that guests can order off of our full menu while playing games. Not only do we offer fresh, made-to-order pizzas such as our Vegetarian and BBQ Chicken pizzas, but we also offer a wide variety of other menu options, including gluten-free crust. While kids will agree we offer the best kid’s menu in town, parents will also enjoy our wide selection of wing and sandwich options. Visit our website to find the best pizza and meal coupons available at your local restaurant.