More Games. More Fun!

When you arrive, now you can pick a
set amount of play time instead of points, and your
kids get access to all the games they can play, as
many times as they want – no exceptions!

How All You Can Play Works

Pick Your Amount of Time

First, you buy time and tap any game to start. Visit any participating Chuck E. Cheese on any day of the week to buy a set amount of play time. This deal is an affordable way for kids to play arcade games and have fun.

Play Unlimited Games and Win Lots of Tickets!

Play unlimited games for that time. Unlimited games, no exclusions. With such a variety of kids games to pick from, kids are able to try out every game, even new ones they haven’t played before!
Have fun and win lots of tickets! More games for kids to play means your kids can win even more tickets, which means even more awesome prizes. This is the ultimate gaming experience, and it is exclusive to Chuck E. Cheese.

Need to Pause Your Time?

Need a break? Pause once at the kiosk. Make the most of your time by pausing your play to eat or take a restroom break. Then simply tap any game to resume your play when you are ready to start again.
Time expires at the end of the purchase. When time is up, the Play Pass card will stop working. No worries, you can always add on more time if you want to play longer. We know with so many fun activities for kids, they’ll never want to leave!

Ready for all you can play?

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See All You Can Play In Action!

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Quotation Mark

Tip: Get the unlimited play card!! We all had so much fun getting her tickets, I felt like a kid again!

Monroeville, PA
Quotation Mark

I spent $20 for 60 minutes of unlimited games. My son won over 400 tickets and walked out with more toys he could carry by himself! This is now my go to place for some fun! I LOVE that it's unlimited now. We will definitely be back!!

Houston, TX
this should work
Quotation Mark

I love the changes that they have made. The kids can now buy game cards for 30 minutes unlimited playing time or 45 minutes. It made it so easy and fun!

Foothill Ranch, CA


Not all play is created equal and it has changed a lot over the years. More than ever, budgets and busy schedules can make it difficult for Moms to always give their kids the fun, rewarding, new experiences they crave. The newest and most exciting way to play is All You Can Play, from the name that knows how to have fun the best – Chuck E. Cheese.


Kids will be ecstatic to hear “All the games you can play, as many times as you want!” More games for kids to play means your kids can win even more tickets, which means winning even more awesome prizes. Happy kids mean happy parents! Buying a set amount of time for a low price makes it both simple and affordable to have fun. The best part is this offer is available every day of the week, so parents can easily fit a fun family outing into a busy schedule. All You Can Play is the ultimate gaming experience, and this is an offer exclusive to Chuck E. Cheese. This is a whole new way to play!


At Chuck E. Cheese, our main goal is to provide fun and easy activities for kids at a price that parents love. We want to be a place where kids are free to be themselves and are able to make their own decisions about how they play. With such a variety of games to pick from, All You Can Play allows kids to try out every game, especially new ones they haven’t played before. A Chuck E. visit is a fun family outing for everyone, as parents and siblings can all join in on the action and play together.

Playing all those games is sure to work up an appetite!

While pizza will always be our specialty, Chuck E. Cheese also offers a wide variety of other food options. Not only do we offer the best kids menu in town, but adults can enjoy our variety of healthier menu options as well. We offer a garden fresh salad bar, a variety of wing flavors, wraps, and sandwiches. To learn more about our great offers, check our pizza & family fun center coupons.

*$10 for 30 minutes of All You Can Play. At participating locations only. See your location for additional information and details.


Ready for all you can play?

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