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Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Chilly Winter Weather

Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are tons of indoor birthday party activities that will leave your birthday star and their friends delighted with the big day! Keep reading for ten awesome winter birthday ideas for both boys and girls alike.

Classic Slumber Party

The slumber party is a classic for a reason. Have your child invite over a few of their closest friends, and plan out a fun evening catered to your child’s favorite things. Make sure you have activities ready to keep them entertained until bedtime. Turn a room of your home into the official slumber party room with space of each of the kids to roll out their sleeping bags and spread out. Have board games available for kids to play, set out snack bowls with your child’s favorite salty and sweet items, and be ready to show your kid’s favorite movies. As a special touch, plan out a birthday pancake breakfast for the next morning as the kids wake up. 


Winter Wonderland Party 

Photo Credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

Take inspiration from the season, and throw a winter wonderland party! Stick to a decor theme of blue and white, and cover your party in snowflakes. Set up a hot chocolate bar for your guests, complete with fun toppings they can add such as marshmallows, whipped cream, and candy. As another fun touch, set up a photo booth complete with winter themed props such as scarves and hats the kids can wear to take pictures. 


Video Game Party

Photo Credit: Lulucole

For the child who loves video games above everything else, this is a perfect party activity! Turn your living room into a “gaming zone,” complete with a snack table and your kid’s favorite drinks. Spread out all of your birthday child’s favorite video games and give them free rein to play as many games as they want for the duration of the party. Plan for your cake and decorations to match the theme of your birthday child’s favorite video game character, and they’ll have the best birthday ever. 


 Indoor Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Photo Credit: Thescrapshoppeblog

An indoor birthday scavenger hunt is a fun idea if you have a bigger space for kids to run around with their friends. Divide your birthday kid’s friends into two groups and let them compete for the title of Scavenger Hunt Champion! Let each group pick out an official team name, and provide a list of clues. Make some of the items on the list a small toy or trinket that the kids can keep if they win! After everyone has completed the scavenger hunt, end the night with a pizza party and cake. 


Movie Birthday Party

A movie birthday party is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday if you are looking to host a more low-key and inexpensive festivity. Tell your guests to come over wearing comfortable loungewear or pajamas. Set out lots of blankets and pillows so that all the little movie watchers can relax during their movie marathon. Of course, what’s a movie birthday party without popcorn? Have bowls of popcorn ready for each child to munch on while they watch. 


Kids Painting Party

Photo Credit: DIY Network, Emily Fazio

Is your child an aspiring artist? An easy way to have fun indoors is to host a painting party! Pick out a few different designs for your children to follow along with, and demonstrate for them each step as you go along. Kids get to channel their creativity into their artwork and put their unique flair on the design. As an added bonus, the kids will get to bring home their masterpiece as a party favor. Make sure to write on the back of each canvas the date and year of the party so you can cherish it forever!


Lego Party

Photo Credit: Ehardhat

Every kid loves Legos, which makes it a great gender neutral party theme option if you have more than one birthday child, or will be hosting lots of children with different interests at your party. Take inspiration from the Lego colors red, blue, yellow, and green when decorating for the party. As an easy party win, bust out your Lego toy bin and use it to help decorate! Some ideas to really make it your own- build a silverware holder out of Legos, or use edible candy Legos as cupcake or cake toppers. 


Ice Skating Party

Nothing is more festive for a winter birthday than ice skating! Make sure to tell your guests to bundle up and wear warm clothes and come prepared to skate! Our birthday decoration ideas are sure to help you enhance your party space and make the ice skating party a huge success!


Kids Karaoke Party

Photo Credit: Rivera Events

Tell your party goers to come prepared to channel their inner pop star! If your child loves to sing and perform, this is a great way to let them shine with their friends. Set up a performance stage in your house, complete with a table full of treats for when the super stars get hungry! Put together a costume bin full of colorful tutus, microphones, and other fun accessories the kids can use to play dress up as they sing. 


Rock Climbing Party 

No pun intended, but this party is going to ROCK! If you are looking for a kids birthday party you can build around a fun activity, rock climbing is a fun solution! This party is perfect for kids that are a little bit older and enjoy being active and adventurous. For your goody bags, put together a “rock climbing kit” for each party guest, complete with a fun granola mix, a toy flash light, and other fun rock climbing goodies.