With a new Chuck E. Cheese Membership your family can play up to 300 games every visit and save up to 50% on all food and drink purchases. Packages are available now for as low as $7.99/month!


Your kids can play up to 300 games each visit

Every Membership comes with 70, 115, or 300 Play Points, topped up every week. Most games cost just one Play Point!

Save up to 50% on food and drinks every visit

Members save 20% to 50% off on almost all food and beverage purchases (some restrictions apply).

Monthly payments as low as $7.99

Your monthly fees will automatically be charged to your credit or debit card. No bills to pay!

Every kid in your household can share one Membership

With just one Membership you’ll get a card for every kid in your family. Divide up the games however you want!

You’ll get surprise bonus benefits throughout the year

Members will receive bonus gifts, prizes, and special benefits throughout the year.

Valid at every Chuck E. Cheese

After your first visit, you can use your Membership to visit every participating Chuck E. Cheese in the USA!

Choose from Three Incredible Member Packages:

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Almost all games at Chuck E. Cheese are one point each. There are usually 2-3 premium games at each location that cost 2-3 points each, but the rest are 1 point. Play Points are valid for all games and attractions that accept Play Passes.

A Chuck E. Cheese Membership continues each month until you cancel it following our easy online cancellation procedure. Memberships may not be cancelled over the phone or at the location. This is an online only program.

Chuck E. Cheese monthly memberships may be cancelled anytime after the first 12 months. When it’s time to cancel we make it fast and easy with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Program

What are Chuck E. Cheese Memberships?

Chuck E. Cheese Membership is a new program we’re testing at some of our Fun Centers as a way to all guests to visit as many times as they want for one low monthly fee. Members receive an allotment of Play Points (ranging from 70 to 300) and discounts (ranging from 20% off to 50% off) on everything they purchase, plus a variety of other benefits. Members who join must stay in the program a minimum of 12 months, and can cancel online anytime afterwards.

What are the key benefits of a Chuck E. Cheese Membership?

All Chuck E. Cheese Members will receive the following benefits:

  • 70 to 300 Play Points per week (topped up on Wednesday mornings)
  • 200-1000 bonus E-Tickets per week (topped up on Wednesdays)
  • 20% to 50% discount on food and beverages (all transactions, most items)
  • 20% to 50% discount on additional Play Points added to their cards
  • A card for each kid in the household
  • Valid at every participating Chuck E. Cheese in the USA
  • Bonus gifts throughout the year
What makes it a “Family” Membership?

All of the kids in the household share the same Membership — a parent doesn’t have to buy a Membership for every child. A parent can buy one Membership for everyone to share, and then split up the Play Points each visit as they choose.

Everyone in the household can enjoy the discounts on food, drinks, and additional Play Points.

Each Membership is tied to one adult in the household, who must be present every time the Membership is used.

Can Members share their Memberships with other households?

Memberships may not be shared and are non-transferable. Only the named individual on the account may redeem points, discounts, and other benefits. Memberships are also intended for only one household, and we reserve the right to ensure that everyone attached to each Membership lives within the same household.

Signing Up for Membership

Why can’t Mom and Dad both use the same Membership to visit?

Our Chuck E. Cheese Membership is designed with specific account guidelines to ensure the best experience for our families and maintain the integrity of the program. Here’s why a shared account between Mom and Dad is not feasible:

Individual Account Management: Each Membership account is tied to one adult in the household. This structure simplifies account management, making it easier for us to provide personalized service and for the primary account holder to manage membership details, benefits, and preferences.

Fair Usage and Security: By linking the Membership to one adult, we ensure fair usage of the program’s benefits. This approach also enhances security, as it allows us to verify the account holder’s identity during visits, safeguarding against misuse of the membership benefits.

Flexibility for Different Schedules: We understand that families often have varying schedules. If both parents want the flexibility to visit Chuck E. Cheese separately with the kids and utilize the membership benefits, each parent would need an individual membership. This ensures that regardless of who visits, the family can always enjoy the membership perks.

Streamlined Experience: Having individual accounts for each parent allows us to tailor the experience and offers to each member more effectively, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their visit to Chuck E. Cheese.

We designed this policy to balance convenience, security, and personalized experience, ensuring that every family visit to Chuck E. Cheese is enjoyable and hassle-free.

Can Members activate their Memberships at any Chuck E. Cheese?

No. Members must pick up their Play Passes and activate their accounts at the “home” Chuck E. Cheese they selected during the registration process.

How often do Members need to “renew” their Memberships?

Memberships at Chuck E. Cheese automatically continue each month without the need for manual renewal. Once you sign up, the membership rolls over monthly with the fee charged to your account. After the initial 12-month commitment, you can cancel anytime, but until then, there’s no need to renew – your membership benefits remain active for continuous enjoyment.

What is the minimum amount of time a Member can own a Chuck E. Cheese Membership?

The minimum duration for owning a Chuck E. Cheese Membership is 12 months. This means when a guest signs up for the Membership, they are committing to a full year of membership. This 12-month commitment ensures guests can fully enjoy the benefits of the program and allows us to provide consistent, high-quality experiences over a significant period.

Can I buy a Membership to a friend?

No. For contractual/legal reasons, each household must buy its own Membership.

Is there a signup/initiation fee?

No, there is not a signup or initiation fee. Your first month’s payment will be the same as your second and third payment.

Using Your Membership

How does a Guest activate their Membership?

A guest can easily activate their Chuck E. Cheese Membership immediately after completing the sign-up process. Here are the steps for a guest to follow:

Download the App: The guest should download the Chuck E. Cheese mobile app and log in using the same account details used during the membership registration.

Visit the Fun Center: The guest should go to the Chuck E. Cheese location and approach the ordering area at the front.

Inform the Staff: Upon opening the mobile app, the guest should inform the Cast Member that they are a new member and would like to activate their Play Passes and claim their initial allotment of Play Points and eTickets.

Card Activation: The Cast Member will then scan the QR codes from the guest’s app to activate their Play Pass cards, assign their Play Points, and load their eTickets.

After these steps, the guest’s membership is active, and they can begin enjoying the full range of Chuck E. Cheese membership benefits.

How long does it take a Membership to activate after a guest signs up?

A Chuck E. Cheese Membership activates almost instantly after a guest completes the sign-up process. As soon as the guest finishes registering for the membership online, their membership becomes active. This immediate activation allows guests to start enjoying the benefits, including Play Points and discounts, right away during their current visit to Chuck E. Cheese, if they choose to.

How does a guest receive their Play Passes?

Upon becoming a Chuck E. Cheese Member, a guest can receive their Play Passes by following these simple steps:

Visit Chuck E. Cheese: After signing up for a Membership, the guest should visit their local Chuck E. Cheese location.

Approach the Register: The guest should go to the front register or ordering area.

Identify as a Member: The guest needs to inform the Cast Member that they are a new member and require their Play Pass cards.

Play Pass Distribution: The Cast Member will provide Play Pass cards for each child in the guest’s family as indicated during the sign-up process.

The Play Passes are essential for accessing games and rides at Chuck E. Cheese, using the Play Points allotted through the membership. Guests can start using their Play Passes immediately after receiving them to enjoy the full range of games and activities available.

How many Play Passes does each Member receive?

Each Chuck E. Cheese Membership entitles the member to receive one Play Pass card for every child in their immediate household. The number of Play Passes distributed is based on the information provided by the member during the sign-up process.

For families with more than six children, we may request verification to confirm all are part of the same household. This approach ensures that all eligible children in a family can enjoy the fun and games at Chuck E. Cheese without the need for separate memberships for each child.

Is the Chuck E. Cheese Mobile App required for Membership?

Yes, the Chuck E. Cheese Mobile App is a necessary component of the Membership program. The app serves several crucial functions:

Membership Activation and Management: It allows for immediate activation of the membership and offers a convenient way for members to manage their account details.

Redeeming Benefits: Members use the app to access and redeem their membership benefits, including Play Points, food and beverage discounts, and eTickets.

Updates and Notifications: The app also serves as a platform for members to receive updates, special offers, and bonus surprises exclusive to members.

By requiring the app, we ensure a seamless and efficient experience for our members, providing everything they need right at their fingertips..

Can I “bank” Play Points that are added to my Play Pass?

No. Each week, you can use your Membership to play up to 70, 115, or 300 games, depending on your pass type. Any Play Points not used by Wednesday will expire. For example, if you receive 300 Play Points one week and use only 50, the remaining 250 will not carry over to the next week; they will disappear at Tuesday night.

When do Membership Pass Play Points expire?

Membership Pass Play Points are only valid the week they are issued and expire at midnight Tuesday night. For example, if a Gold Pass holder adds 300 Play Points to their card one week and uses 200, the remaining 100 points will not carry over to the next week; the balance resets to zero. Weekly Play Points must be re-added each week.

This is in contrast to regular Play Points, which do not expire and remain on the card until they are used.

What are the limitations on food/drink benefits?

Discounts apply to most food and beverages except for the following items: alcoholic beverages, birthday-specific food items, birthday cakes, Buddy V. cakes, and select limited-time offers.

Can parents play games too?

Absolutely. There is no reason a family of two parents and two kids couldn’t use four cards to play games with each other.

Managing & Making Payments

How will the guest pay for their Membership each month?

When a guest signs up for a Membership, Chuck E. Cheese will collect their payment information, typically a credit card number or bank account details. This information is used to automatically charge the membership fee each month.

Is there a processing fee for the guest’s payments?

No, there are no processing fees for any payments related to the Chuck E. Cheese Membership. This includes both the initial payment and subsequent monthly fees.

Can the guest change the payment method on file?

Yes, guests have the flexibility to change their payment method anytime. This can be done through the payment portal accessible on the Chuck E. Cheese website.

How will the monthly Membership fee be paid?

The guest’s credit card will be automatically billed each month on the anniversary date of their Membership sign-up. For instance, if a guest signs up on June 17, their card will be charged on the 17th of each subsequent month. There is no need for the guest to manually handle this payment each month.

What if a monthly payment doesn’t go through?

If a payment fails, the guest’s Membership will be temporarily deactivated, and they will be notified via email. The guest can either update their payment information in the payment portal or wait for the system to attempt a recharge the following day. The Membership will be reactivated once the payment is successfully processed.

Can the guest pay for a whole year of Membership at once?

Currently, Chuck E. Cheese Memberships are structured for monthly payments only. Guests cannot pay for multiple months or a full year in advance.

Can the guest pause their Membership payments?

At this time, Membership payments cannot be paused. The monthly payments continue for the duration of the Membership.

Can the guest upgrade their Membership?

As of now, Membership upgrades are not being promoted and are not available through an automated process. The Guest Relations team can assist with upgrades, but this is handled manually and on a case-by-case basis.

Cancelling Membership

How does a guest cancel their Membership?

A guest can cancel their Chuck E. Cheese Membership through the account portal. This option becomes available after the completion of the initial 12-month term, which includes 12 monthly payments. Upon signing up, the guest will receive a link that can be used for cancellation when eligible.

How difficult is it for a guest to cancel their Membership?

Canceling a Membership is straightforward and can be done with ease. Once the guest has completed their 12-month commitment, they can log into their account at any time and request cancellation. This process is available 24/7 for the guest’s convenience.

If a guest cancels their Membership, when will it end?

Since Membership fees are paid in advance each month, the guest’s Membership will continue until the end of the month following their final payment. This allows the guest to enjoy the Membership benefits until the end of the paid period.

Can a guest cancel their Membership before completing 12 months?

Chuck E. Cheese Memberships require a minimum commitment of 12 months. Therefore, a guest cannot cancel their Membership before completing this initial 12-month period.