Summer Fun Pass

Summer Fun For Kids

Are you ready to kick off an unforgettable summer filled with family fun? Look no further! Unlock 8-weeks of weekly game play, pizza discounts (yum), exclusive birthday savings and more with our one-of- a-kind summer deal for kids. Here, you’ll create unforgettable memories for your family with Summer Fun Pass, starting at just $49.99. Get ready for a summer like no other!

Why buy a Summer Fun Pass?

Summer Fun Pass provides you with a weekly safe and fun-filled activity for your child, EVERY week this summer. With 3 tiers to choose from, pick the pass that suits your needs (and budget)!

All Summer Fun Passes include:

  • 8-Weeks of weekly game play
  • Exclusive Pass Member lanyard and a birthday party discount

Choose a Silver or Gold Summer Fun Pass to:

  • Up your weekly game play time
  • Take advantage of weekly pizza savings
  • Visit during our exclusive Pass Member Play Time
  • Take a trip to our Ticket Blaster (grab up to 500 tickets!)
  • Get a BONUS “Bring a Friend Free” 60-Minute Play Card (with In-App purchase ONLY)

Fun kid activities, all summer long

There’s no shortage of fun with your pass’ weekly game play! Kids can play their favorite game on repeat or try out one of the new games continuously being added to our locations. After their Play Time has ended, redeem their E- Tickets for unique prizes and bust a move on our dance floor.

Experience Summer Family Activities

Chuck E. Cheese isn’t just about the kids… We’re about creating unforgettable summer family fun! Here are a few ideas to get the whole family involved this summer:

Kid-friendly alley rolling

Trust us, it’s iconic here at Chuck E. Cheese. It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge one another, cheer each other on, and create a lasting memories.

Get ready for a dance off

Challenge one another to a dance off during Summer Break. Many of our location include an interactive dance floor and dance lessons on our big screens.

Make some pizza plans

Take advantage of the pizza discount included in the Gold or Silver Pass. Every pizza is baked-to-order with fresh ingredients. Add on our fresh Salad Bar or a tasty dessert!

Your Summer Deals Dream, Made Easy

You’re all set for a Summer of fun! Get ready to break your high score, eat ALL the pizza, take advantage of Pass Member exclusives and make memories over summer family activities, all season long. We can’t wait to see you!

Learn more about the Summer Fun Pass and Buy Yours Today!