Dumbgood Drops Retro Collaboration with Chuck E. Cheese©

Dumbgood Drops Retro Collaboration with Chuck E. Cheese©

(October 25, 2022) – Everyone is a winner now that Dumbgood has teamed up with
Chuck E. Cheese, for an exclusive retail line of character-based streetwear. You can
now relive your favorite childhood memories and experience the nostalgia of picking out
prizes all over again.

“This partnership has been a childhood dream come true! For our collection, we took it
back to 2004 and highlighted the nostalgic colorways and characters of the beloved
family entertainment chain. Having your birthday at Chuck E. Cheese was truly the best.
Hope everyone is as excited about this collab as we are!” Dumbgood Co-founder
Amelia Muqbel states.

The retro inspired collection features the OG ultimate gamer and fun loving mouse on a
matching crewneck and sweatpants, athletic shorts, a button-down shirt, and
accessories such as hats and bags to pair.

Make sure to save up your tokens for this throwback drop exclusively on

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