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Introducing All You Can Play Games

Introducing All You Can Play Games

It’s summer, the universal season of playtime for kids. With school being out, kids have an opportunity to relax, have fun, and learn outside of the classroom. To make sure your kids make the most of their time off,  it’s a great idea to plan a fun weekly outing that gets everyone out of the house. We’ve put together a list to get you and your family past your summer slump!

1. All You Can Play Games at Chuck E. Cheese’s

From the name who knows playtime and fun best, Chuck E. Cheese’s is now introducing All You Can Play games, starting at $9. This is a breakthrough way to play, unlike anything you will find at any other family entertainment centers. We recognize that families in today’s world are extremely busy, and there are a lot of external pressures on both parents and kids. Between fitting in all the extracurricular activities, homework, and other responsibilities, it can be difficult to make time for fun. In a world full of “no” and other restrictions, we are rolling out something that will set you free.

It’s really not too good to be true. When kids set foot in a Chuck E. Cheese’s, now you can tell them “Go, it’s all the games you can play!”All You Can Play games means that your kids can make their own decisions about what games to play, with none of the pressure of using up all their points too quickly. If you play a game and don’t like it? No worries, just switch to a new one! More game play means the opportunity to win more tickets, which also means your kids can leave with even more great prizes! As a parent, you can set back and relax, and let your kids manage their own time.

2. Sign up for a Library Card

As the cartoon character Arthur once said, “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card.”  Check with your local public library to see about signing up for their summer reading program, which is a great way to gets kids reading and earn fun prizes and rewards in return.

3. Camp Out (In Your Own Backyard)

You don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve gone into the wild. Cook hot dogs, eat s’mores, and have your kids help you pitch a tent. After it gets dark, play campfire games, and roll out their sleeping bags for a night under the stars. The best part of backyard camping is that if your kids change their mind about sleeping outside, you can head right back in to the comfort of your air conditioned home.

4. Sign Up to Volunteer

Search online for local charities near you that are family friendly. A great option is to volunteer at your local animal shelter, which gives kids a chance to interact with animals and learn about taking care of pets, while also giving back to the community.

5. Have a Water Day

To combat the summer heat, plan a fun outdoor water day. All you really need is a hose, sprinklers, and some water balloons, and your kids will have a great time playing and cooling off. Or, turn your water day into something productive by having your kids help wash the cars while they are already in their bathing suits.

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