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Guest Post: Family Fun Made Easy by Mini Style Hacker

It’s an ordinary Thursday night and Chase and I decide we need some good old fashion family fun. I’m talking pizza, games, laughs and prizes. Only one place comes to mind: Chuck E Cheese. I went as a kid and loved this place, and it’s the same, but different. When I was young, we used tokens to play games – and you still can. But they also have this awesome little card called a Play Pass. The Play Pass allows you to load as many tokens as you want, or you can load time onto the card.

We chose the time option at $14.99 an hour, and it’s probably the best decision we made that night. The great thing about the time load option is that the time doesn’t start until you tap it at the play/pause station. Once time starts, you can play as many games as you want, as many times as you want! Unlimited games = unlimited tickets! This is like bottomless mimosas, but for video games and we had the best time. I ended up challenging Chase to SkiBall, which was not wise – he won by a landslide. But I also challenged Grey, and I don’t know if I’m proud or embarrassed to say that I kicked his little butt in SkeeBall.

family eating pizza

The Play Pass also has a one time pause, where you can pause your time on the card to sit down and have dinner with the family. This way, you don’t miss out on any precious game time. And while we are talking about dinner, can I just say that Chuck E Cheese pizza is next-level delicious. The crust is like garlic and butter had a baby and put it on a pizza. Also not mad at the salad bar, but let’s be real – your girl was all about the pizza. Honestly, everything about our night out with the boys was perfect. Spending time with the boys is always fun, but at Chuck E Cheese it’s affordable and effortless.

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