DIY Halloween Costume Ideas + Chucktober

October is here, and that means Chucktober is back! An annual tradition at Chuck E. Cheese, guests who come in any day during the month of October wearing a Halloween costume will receive 50 tickets. With All You Can Play, this Chuck E. Cheese Halloween event is even sweeter! Kids are playing more games and winning more tickets in this awesome October special. The only thing better than tickets and fun? More tickets and fun, while wearing your favorite costume. All of this makes us the best spot for easy indoor activities and kids play ideas this fall!

With All You Can Play, you can pick a set amount of play time instead of points, which allows your kids to play all the games they want, as many times as they want, no exceptions!

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Still looking for the perfect costume for your child? Our partners at Spirit Halloween have curated a fantastic line of costumes this year. We take Halloween pretty seriously here at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and have picked out some of our favorites from this year. 

Who You Gonna Call?: Ghosts don’t stand a chance against movie-quality Ghostbusters gear. A P.K.E. (or Psychokinetic Energy Meter) will track all ghosts, while the Ecto Goggles spot all invisible paranormal entities. Zap ghosts once and for all with a Light-Up Proton Pack, featuring a glowing power cell and detachable particle thrower gun. 

DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for a kid friendly creative activity at home, or for those of you looking to get crafty this year and make your own costume, we have put together a list of our favorite DIY kids Halloween costumes.

Eleven from Stranger Things– Somewhere in between cute, a little scary and the upside down, comes this fan favorite from Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things. All it takes to transform your child into this character is a pair of white tennis shoes, high knee socks,  and a light pink smock dress. Add a box of Eggos, and call this costume complete!

DIY Scarecrow Costume– Scarecrows have been beloved ever since the release of The Wizard of OZ, and this is a super easy, gender neutral costume that you can put your own spin on. Complete this costume with a flannel shirt, a old pair of jeans, a straw hat, and some black face paint. This costume is guaranteed to melt your heart. 

DIY Scuba Diver Costume-  If you realize you need a last minute costume for your child, an easy costume to throw together is a scuba diver! All you need to start is a black t-shirt and black pants.  Then take two 2-liter soda bottles, remove the labels, and then paint both bottles a solid color of your choice. Add duck tape around the center of the bottle to complete the oxygen tank. Finally, hot glue a piece of twine to each side of the bottles, just underneath the cap and the base of the bottle. Throw on your newly made oxygen tank as a backpack. Dig out your snorkel and googles, and your child will be ready for an underwater adventure! 

Want to win even more? See if your store is participating in our daily costume contests in the two weeks leading up to Halloween. Winners get ten free play points!

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To get in the Halloween spirit, watch some Chucktober song and dance!-