An child looking with excitement at a game in the arcade

Arcade Games For All Ages

From classic arcade games to newer console games, the game room at Chuck E. Cheese has it all. Our stores offer a variety of skill games, crane games, and more for kids of all ages, so your child gets to play what they want, when they want.


Need an afternoon off? Take your toddler to Chuck E. Cheese! Let them get some energy out by running from game to game. Try your luck, win prizes, refuel with pizza, hit the dance floor, and let your kids interact with Chuck E. every hour during his live show.

With around 70 games at every location and over 500 stores across the US and Canada, family fun is just down the street. Find your nearest fun center location here.

A parent and kid playing a blaster game

You’re never too old — or too young — for Chuck E. Cheese. All of our games are kid-friendly; some are more suitable for older kids, while others are best suited for younger kids and toddlers. No matter what age, there’s always fun for everyone.

All you can play

You won’t find any token redemption games in our game room because we’ve modernized to All You Can Play cards. Gone are the days of kids having to carry tokens and tickets around (and inevitably losing some). Now kids get a single, re-loadable play card (with an optional wristband to prevent loss) that tracks their arcade playtime and their E-ticket earnings.

Instead of having to pick a number of tokens, parents can set the exact amount of time they want to allow their kids to play. Within that set timeframe, kids can play any game as many times as they want. That means more freedom for kids, and easier time limit facilitation for parents.

Kids huddled around a game


We believe all kids should get to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese, but we know some kids with sensory sensitivities might prefer a less stimulating environment. That’s why we host monthly Sensory Sensitive Sundays that provide all the same fun with less stimuli. Participating locations open two hours early one Sunday each month and turn down the lights, lower the music volume, and provide staff who are specially trained on interacting with children who have sensory needs. If this sounds like something your family is interested in, learn more on our Sensory Sensitive Sunday page.


The fun doesn’t stop when your visit to Chuck E. Cheese is over! We have plenty of ideas for how to keep kids entertained in safe and enriching ways here on our blog! Check out our posts featuring activities such as homemade playdough recipes and easy DIY science experiment ideas.