Birthday party of a girl with a multi colored cake

7 Fantastic Kids’ Birthday Party Locations

Birthday parties at home will forever be a classic, but they can not only be time consuming to plan, prepare for and clean up after, but they can be surprisingly expensive. So instead of throwing your child a party at home, look for kids’ birthday party locations in your own home town that can make the celebration easier on you, and even more fun for them. Just a few of the types of places you should consider include:

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s- Looking to host the ultimate birthday party for your child? Chuck E. Cheese’s is the number one best birthday party place for kids ranging in age from one to tween. We make it easy to have a safe, exciting party. Our kids’ party places are always ready for fun – and we have everything you need to have a great celebration, including games, food, drinks, and even desserts and party favors. And we’ll make sure everything is in place when you arrive – and we’ll clean up when your party is over. Plus, everyone loves it when Chuck E. himself stops by for a photo op with the birthday boy or girl and his or her guests.
  • Mini-Golf: If the weather is nice, treat your child and his or her friends to a round of mini-golf at a local course. Most mini-golf party locations offer reserved game times and some even have tables where you can either bring food for a picnic or order from a menu. In addition, they tend to offer video games and some even have carnival rides and bumper cars that can help make your child’s birthday even more fun.
  • Zoo: For kids who love animals, the zoo is the perfect birthday party location. With so many creatures to see and learn about, plus room to roam, it’s a great place for kids of all ages. Most zoos have a petting zoo on premises, plus picnic tables (perfect for a birthday brown bag lunch), and some play equipment. Larger zoos may even have a train, trolley or sky ride to help you get from one end of the park to the other, which can be especially helpful if your little one and his or her friends, start getting tired. Be sure to bring along at least one other adult to help you keep track of the kids, and provide you with company while they’re enjoying their day.
  • Farms: With so many working farms that also welcome visitors, a farm may be the perfect place to host your little one’s party. Locations may be rural or urban, but regardless of where the farm is, look for one that offers private party space for picnics, a petting zoo, a hayride, pony rides, and the chance for the kids to pick their own fruits and veggies. In the fall, many farms also have corn mazes, which provide even more fun for kids, and their parents.
  • Paint Your Own Pottery: For kids who crave creativity, a trip to a paint-your-own-pottery shop delivers fun for everyone. Most offer reservations and can help the kids choose pottery within a specific price range. Due to the nature of these shops, food and drinks (other than water) aren’t typically allowed, but many of them are located in strip malls or shopping centers with restaurants, so after the pottery is complete, you can grab a bite to eat and complete your celebration.

If you’re not sure exactly where to go, you can either search for one of the types of places listed above, or look for “birthday party locations near me” in your favorite search engine. The most popular places for kids’ parties in your area should show up – and you can start planning your celebration instantly.

Check out Chuck E. Cheese’s for more info on planning kid’s birthday parties.