Safety Is the Name of the Game

No matter where you take your children, their well-being is your number one priority. Ours too. When you visit Chuck E. Cheese, you can be confident we take your safety seriously—from the moment you set foot in our doors.


As the Birthday Capital of the Universe™, we host a lot of parties. And not just birthday parties, fundraisers and kids group events of all sorts. On any given day, we have lots of parents and little ones who join us for fun. Our Kids Check in system is specifically designed to help hosting parents keep track of all their party guests.

You and the kids will take a cellphone selfie upon entering. This photo of the whole family will ensure those who come together, leave together!

We Are Committed to Kids Safety

With proper precautions in place at Chuck E. Cheese, everyone can relax and enjoy. You get the peace of mind that your little ones are protected, and they get to play freely—we don’t even require inside voices!

Additional Safety Measures

Kids Check is just the start when it comes to safety at our family fun center. We’ve got continuously recording security cameras in the event something questionable occurs. Staff doors to our restaurant are also equipped with alarms that alert when they’re opened, and service doors lock from the outside but can be exited from the inside for fire safety.

We’re committed to meeting cleanliness standards, and clean all play toys and equipment with a non-toxic, eco-friendly sanitizer.

You’re Also Part of Your Child’s Safety

While our child check in system is designed to help you and other hosting parents keep track of the kids in your party, it’s not a substitute for adult supervision. Be sure you keep an eye on your little ones as they make their way from one game to the next, or a Chuck E. performance to a slice of pizza.