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New Birthday Party Experience at Chuck E. Cheese's

Celebrating kids birthdays the right way is a big deal to us at Chuck E. Cheese’s. As part of this, we are constantly working to ensure our birthday party packages provide the best possible party for you and your birthday star. If you’ve been to a birthday party at one of our stores recently, you may have noticed some exciting new updates.

Birthday Star Play Band

The Birthday Star Play Band is an exclusive item given only to the birthday kid during their party. Instead of using a Play Pass card like all of the other guests, the birthday star will be set apart with their awesome play band! Your Birthday Star will be able to enjoy playing games hands free and avoid worrying about losing a Play Pass card. With the Birthday Star Play Band, all you have to do is tap your wrist to a game to play! All three of our birthday party packages include the Birthday Star play band, so no matter what party package is right for your party planning needs, your birthday child will be able to enjoy this item.

As an added bonus, make sure your child holds on to their play band after the party is over! These are more than a one time use item- the play band can be recharged with play points and used during any future Chuck E. Cheese’s visits. Visit our Birthday Party 101 blog post to learn even more about the party experience.

More Reasons to Celebrate

The new party packages at Chuck E. Cheese make throwing a kids birthday super simple! With any party package you will receive a reserved table for two hours, a tablecloth, paper plates, utensils, and a dedicated server for you and your guests.

Additionally, all parties come with an assorted number of helium balloons, and the iconic ticket blaster experience for your birthday star.

We offer three great birthday party packages:

Star-Our Most Basic Package

  • Comes with 30 Play Points per child
  • 2 slices of 1 topping pizza and a drink with free refills per child
  • 3 helium balloons
  • Exclusive Birthday Star Play Band, 250 bonus tickets, birthday show recognition and Ticket Blaster experience for the birthday star

Super Star-Better Value

  • Comes with 45 Play Points per child
  • 2 slices of 1-topping pizza and a drink with free refills per child
  • 6 helium Balloons
  • Exclusive Play Band, 500 bonus tickets, and a Ticket Blaster experience for  the Birthday Star
  • Collectible cup with free refills for the life of the cup per child

Mega Super Star-Best Value

  • Unlimited Games per child or 60 tokens for locations with Play Pass
  • 2 slices of 1-topping pizza and drinks with free refills per child
  • 9 helium balloons
  • Exclusive Play Band, 1000 bonus tickets and Ticket Blaster experience for the Birthday star
  • Collective cup with free refills for the life of the cup per child
  • Goody Bag per child filled with toys and candy
  • Dippin’ Dots ice cream per child
  • Coil wristband per child at locations with Play Pass

We love birthdays, and can’t wait to celebrate with you and your family in your local family fun center soon!

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