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Boredom Busting Activities for Kids


Getting stuck inside on a rainy day, waiting for appointments, and long car trips can be a bummer, especially when your kids are tired of playing the same games over and over again. To combat situations where you suspect your kids may find themselves bored, it can be helpful to have a go-to list of new activities and game apps for your kids to play. Refresh the list with new games and ideas every few months to keep it new and fun. Here are some of our favorite ideas to keep your kids entertained, and everyone happy, no matter the situation!

Introducing Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World Game App

Check out our series of Chuck E. Cheese game apps! On a day when you can’t leave the house, our at home game apps are a great way to bring a little bit of the fun of a Chuck E. visit home with you. We are excited to announce that we have just released a brand new game app- Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World! Download now from the Google Play or iOS store.

Racing World allows you to put your pedal to the metal! Race with Chuck E. and friends as you drive on tables, jump off pizza boxes and dodge birthday cakes and ice cream. Keep checking back, because we will be releasing new levels coming soon, with the ability to unlock other characters and cars. While playing the game, you can win up to 500 tickets to be redeemed in stores for prizes!


For even more fun, check out our two other game apps:

Skate Universe- Go the distance! Help Chuck E. hop, dodge and duck any obstacles on his skateboard that might get in his way. Earn points by picking up Golden Pizzas and other special objects, see how you rank on the Leaderboards, and earn TICKETS along the way, that you can redeem in store! Download now from the Google Play or iOS store.

Party Galaxy– Blast off with Chuck E. on a wild space adventure! Play the Party Galaxy game and win up to 500 tickets redeemable for awesome prizes on your next visit to the store! Download now from the iOS store.

Have A Movie Marathon

Tell your kids this is a special opportunity to watch their favorite movies, and have them each pick out a few of their favorites. To give your movie marathon a “real” theater feeling, dim the lights and close the curtains.  Make some popcorn, pull out a cozy blanket, and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

Play a game of iSpy

This game is ideal for on-the-go situations because it requires no additional planning or accessories. If you are on a road trip, start a game of iSpy and create a list of road trip related items your kids will be able to find such as state sign, red cars, a lake, etc. To keep the kids extra engaged, make it a competition with a prize attached.

Hold a Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of items for your child to find throughout the house. To make it more challenging, make up easy riddles for your child to solve to find each item. Another fun educational twist on this idea is to put together a list of questions for your child to research either in a books or online.


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