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Learn dances, sing songs, play games, and win tickets when you hang out in The Kid’s Corner!

Games & Apps for Kids

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Racing World Kid's App

Racing World

Put your pedal to the metal in Chuck E. Cheese’s Racing World! Race with Chuck E. and friends as you drive on tables, jump from pizza boxes, and dodge birthday cakes and ice cream. Win up to 500 tickets you can redeem on your next visit to your local Chuck E. Cheese’s!

Skate Universe Kid's App

Skate Universe

Go the distance with Chuck E.! Help Chuck E. hop, dodge and duck any obstacles on his skateboard that might get in his way. Earn points by picking up Golden Pizzas and other special objects, see how you rank on the Leaderboards, and earn TICKETS along the way, that you can redeem in-store!

Party Galaxy Kid's App

Party Galaxy

Blast off with Chuck E. on a wild space adventure! Play the Party Galaxy game & win up to 500 tickets redeemable for awesome prizes on your next visit to the store!