Guest Post by The Soccer Mom Blog: 8 Things You Can Get FREE at Chuck E. Cheese’s: Pizza, Tickets, & More!

We’ve got insider secrets to get lots of fun Chuck E. Cheese’s freebies —  free pizza, free tickets, and more!  This is a sponsored conversation written by The Soccer Mom Blog on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all her own. Visit her blog to read more!

All You Can Play at Chuck E. Cheese’s 

To kick off Spring Break, our family decided to visit a brand new Chuck E. Cheese’s location in our area to try All You Can Play. If you haven’t tried it yet, All You Can Play is the best!!

All You Can Play means more games and more tickets! Simply purchase an AYCP Play Pass and play as many games as you want during your time. It’s the best $10 you can spend! You can even pause your play time once per visit, so you don’t have to worry about time ticking while you take a snack break.

Before our visit, I did a little digging around to see if there were any deals or coupons available. To my excitement, there are a LOT of awesome rewards and freebies you can get from Chuck E. Cheese’s offers. I love how they give back to their fans!

8 Things You Can Get FREE at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of my daughters’ favorite places in the world, so we would go often even without freebies. But isn’t it fun to get rewards if you’re going to be there anyway?

Here are our favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s freebies – pizza, tickets, tokens, and more! You won’t believe how many fun and free resources Chuck E. Cheese’s provides for families!

1. Chuck E. Cheese’s Free Pizza 

We always work up and appetite playing games, so we always get a snack when we visit Chuck E. Cheese’s. The girls especially love their cheese pizza!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a FREE pizza??

Here’s how to get a free pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s — it’s easy and there’s no purchase required!

When you sign up for Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese Rewards program, you’ll get a free one-topping personal pizza at your next visit. Yes, it really is that easy!

There are two ways to join the More Cheese Rewards program:

  • Online at
  • On your phone using the free Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese mobile app (available on iTunes or Google Play stores)

After you sign up, click on “rewards” and you’ll see the free pizza already loaded to your account. On your next visit, simply tell the staff that you’d like to redeem your free pizza and you’re all set!

Our reward appeared in our account within minutes. However, since it could take up to 24 hours for your reward to be applied, I recommend signing up now, so that way the free pizza will be ready and loaded on your account before your next visit.

2. Free $10 Reward Coupon

Pizza is not the only freebie that you’ll get when you join the More Cheese Rewards program. You can also earn reward coupons to spend on games, food, drinks, and prizes!

More Cheese Rewards program members earn a $10 reward after you visit three times within a 12-month period ($20 spend required).

We visit Chuck E. Cheese’s regularly anyway, so it’s such a nice bonus to earn rewards at the same time! The more you visit, the more rewards you can earn!

3. Free Unlimited Games

I mentioned above how awesome Chuck E. Cheese’s All You Can Play (AYCP) is — now I’m going to share a little trick to get unlimited games for free!

The first step is to make sure that you’re a More Cheese Rewards member (details to sign up are above and at the end of this post).

Visit Chuck E. Cheese’s during your child’s birthday week and they’ll get a birthday gift of 20 minutes of free unlimited game play (with a $10 purchase).

4. Free Tokens

If you’re looking for Chuck E. Cheese’s free tokens, here are a few secrets to find them:

  • Tokens for Grades Program: Bring in your child’s report card for 10 free tokens or points (with a food purchase).
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s Rewards Certificates: Bring in one of the printable rewards certificates available at (see #6) and receive 10 free tokens or points to use on games, pizza and more!
  • Book a Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party and you’ll get free tokens or play points as a thank you.

5. Free Tickets

This is what really gets the kids excited! My girls work hard to earn as many Chuck E. Cheese’s tickets as possible so they can redeem them for cool prizes.

Of course they want the BIG prizes, so a chunk of free tickets goes a long way towards reaching their goals!

There are three ways to get free tickets at Chuck E. Cheese’s:

  • Half-Birthday Reward: When More Cheese Rewards members visit during a child’s half-birthday month they’ll get 100 free tickets.
  • Referral Reward: More Cheese Rewards members earn 100 free tickets every time you refer a friend to the More Cheese Rewards program. You can earn referral rewards up to 20 times per year!
  • Book a Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party online and you’ll receive both free tickets and free tokens or play points.
  • Visit the Kid’s Corner at for instructions to download their free game apps. Kids can play games anywhere, anytime and earn real tickets for their next visit!

6. Free Calendars and Reward Certificates

I recently discovered an amazing free resource on Chuck E. Cheese’s website. There are over 20 free printable calendars and rewards charts that you can download, print, and use at home! From the Super Student Award to the Clean Room Calendar, there are tons of fun and free options for parents and kids.

As a bonus, if you bring a printed copy of one of the calendars or reward certificates in to Chuck E. Cheese’s, you’ll get 10 free tokens or points to use on games, pizza and more!

7. Free Birthday Invitations 

If you’re planning a Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party or fundraising event, be sure to take advantage of their free email and text invitations, powered by Punchbowl. There are dozens of designs featuring Chuck E. Cheese and the gang, as well as popular characters like Paw Patrol, Barbie, Mickey & Minnie, and more!

You can customize your invitations with your child’s photo and check on RSVPs anytime. You can even create a message board for attendees to connect before the event.

Along with invitations, Chuck E. Cheese’s provides a full range of free party planning resources, including a timeline, checklist, and idea-starters.

8. Free Games, Videos, and Stories

There’s so much free fun in the Kid’s Corner at! Here you can read online storybooks about Chuck E. Cheese and the gang and jam along with your favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s music videos.

There’s also free downloadable apps where kids can play games to win real tickets for your next in-store visit!

We hope

We hope you found this list of Chuck E. Cheese’s freebies helpful! Check back often, as we will update this list when we find new rewards and goodies. If you haven’t already, click here to join the More Cheese Rewards Program and be the first to know about specials, free offers, and fun events! You can also download Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese mobile app via iTunes or Google Play stores. Be sure to connect with Chuck E. Cheese’s on FacebookInstagram and Twitter too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by The Soccer Mom Blog on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all her own. Visit her blog to read more!