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Kids Birthday Party Games and Activities

Chuck E. Cheese's makes birthday parties simple. No matter what party package is right for you, all of our party packages are centered around making your birthday star feel special on their big day.

All packages include birthday star recognition during the Birthday Show, an exclusive birthday star play band, free tickets, and the unique Ticket Blaster experience! As a parent, you will love having a reserved table for two hours and a dedicated server to assist you and your guests. With food and drinks provided for reserved party guests, fantastic arcade games, and Chuck E. Cheese's himself, plus no clean up, gathering your little one's friends and family for a celebration couldn't be easier. Now to make all birthdays even more awesome, any of our birthday packages can be upgraded to include Unlimited Games. When you upgrade any package, each child will receive Unlimited Games and rides for two hours, starting with the first tap of a game or ride. 

To make the party even better, we encourage you to plan a few kids birthday party ideas that will keep the kids engaged as a group, and give all of your guests a chance to play together. Of course, if you need some ideas – we've got plenty. Take a look at five of our best party games for kids – and get inspired.

I-Spy Scavenger Hunt:

Give each of the kids a list of items that you know will be at Chuck E. Cheese's, as well as a pen, and a pad of paper. Have the kids look for the items on the list and write down where they spotted them. The first person to complete the list, and have it verified by an adult, wins.

Pull-String Pinata:

Breaking the piñata is one of the most popular kids birthday party games around – but for safety reasons traditional piñatas aren't allowed at Chuck E. Cheese's. Instead, provide your group with a pull string piñata that’s filled with prizes everyone can enjoy. These are available to order from Chuck E. Cheese’s and easy to add to your reservation.


It might be one of the most popular birthday party games for kids, but it's a classic for a reason: it's easy and fun. In order to keep the game restaurant and party friendly, bring a hat (in the theme of your party) pre-filled with topics that are easy for the kids to execute in a small space. (You might even limit your subjects to the party theme for added fun.) The child who wins gets to keep the charade hat.

DIY Hats or Accessories:

Instead of traditional birthday games, get the kids involved in creating their own party favors. If your party has a mermaid or princess theme, bring along felt in a wide range of colors and shapes, plus enough headbands, and glue sticks for everyone, and have the kids assemble their own crowns, necklaces or bracelets. Of course, mermaids and princesses also wear plenty of sparkly rings and clip-on earrings, so bring some of those for all of the kids, too. If your party has a firefighter, police officer or cowboy theme, bring hats that the kids can wear as they use pre-cut felt and glue sticks, or cardboard and markers to make their own badges. The adults can glue pins onto the backs of the badges and the kids can wear them during the party.

Decorate Your Own Cupcake:

Birthday activities don't get easier, or tastier, than this. Just bring enough cupcakes for everyone in your party, plus a few different types of frosting, colored sugars, sprinkles, etc. and let the kids – and the adults – decorate their own cupcakes.

Of course, if you'd rather keep it simple and leave the kids birthday party games at home, Chuck E. Cheese's has plenty of things for kids to do. From photo ops with Chuck E., video arcade games, and kiddie rides, our restaurants deliver fun in a family-friendly setting that everyone can enjoy.

or contact your local Chuck E. Cheese's for more information.