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Birthday Party Planning & Ideas at Chuck E. Cheese’s

All good birthday party ideas start with what the guest of honor loves. Whether it's robots or sports, mermaids, aliens, superheroes, firefighters, puppies or dinosaurs, your little one's favorite things can come to life at Chuck E. Cheese's.

With room to include your own decorations, games, cakes and personality at the venue, you can bring your best party ideas to life and celebrate with us. That said, any birthday ideas you have should be family friendly – and not interfere with the enjoyment of others while at Chuck E. Cheese's. Take a look at just some of the ways you can create a special day for your little one, and still be respectful of those around you.

Table Dressing:

Bring in themed tablecloths and napkins, shop for colorful streamers that you can place around the table and attach to the backs of the chairs, then top the table with balloon bouquets and/or a fun centerpiece. Note: Cups can only be provided by the restaurant. If you'd like to ensure that each child uses only his or her cup, you can bring themed stickers and give each child a unique way to mark his or her cup. You can even bring in two of each sticker – and place one on the cup, and one on the child – so no one forgets who was assigned to each sticker.

Party Hats & Accessories:

Give your guests something special to wear – so everyone knows who's part of the party and who isn't. Consider hats that match your kid's birthday party ideas, like tiaras, firefighter helmets, cowboy hats, or headbands with googly, bobbly eyes.  You can also give each guest a special wristband, badge or boa to set them apart from the crowd.

Games and Activities:

Choose one or two special games that incorporate your theme – just make sure that playing them won't disrupt those around you. Try a game of themed charades, where all of the topics match your party's theme, or instead of a traditional cake, bring several different types of cupcakes, frostings, and toppings, and let all of the kids decorate their own cupcake. You can even bring coloring pages that match your birthday party idea, and let each kid color their version of the perfect princess, robot, sports star, and more.


Pinatas are perfect for parties. They're colorful, exciting, and filled with toys and prizes that kids of every age loves. For the safety of all of our guests, we only allow pull-string pinatas at Chuck E. Cheese's parties. They can be purchased from the restaurant so check with your party coordinator on the sizes and styles available.

Developing birthday party ideas that kids will love is easy. All you need to do is talk to them, play with them, and use what they love as a starting point. Best of all, with Chuck E. Cheese's as your party venue, fun is built into the theme.

or contact your local Chuck E. Cheese's for more information.