Email Club FAQs

Why should I sign up for the Chuck E. Cheese’s Email Club?
Email Club members will receive exclusive discounts, benefits, updates and promotions that will allow for the best experience at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

What will you use/do with my information that I provide?
We use email addresses and other personally identifiable information to send our Email Club newsletters with the most relevant information for your family. This information will never be sold or transferred outside Chuck E. Cheese’s. See full privacy policy for further details.

Does it cost anything to join Chuck E. Cheese’s Email Club?
Our Email Club membership is absolutely free.

What should I do if I have problems signing up or submitting my registration online?
We have age-screening measures in place to make sure we are not collecting information from children. Please contact us for further assistance.

Why did my Email Club offers change?
All Chuck E. Cheese's Email Club membership offers and incentives are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Why are my Email Club coupon offers no longer available?
Coupon links are valid for 30 days, at which point the coupons expire. New offers will be available in the next monthly send.

Why am I not receiving any emails from you after signing up?
As companies seek to regulate the amount of junk and spam email within your inbox, domain providers and companies are increasing the sensitivity level of incoming mail. To help ensure deliverability, please add to your email contacts list so that the email does not get delivered to your bulk email or spam folder.

How can I edit my Email Club profile?
Click “update your personal profile” on the “sign up for coupons” page to change your personal information and update preferences. All emails you receive give you the option to update your preferences and personal information, as well as to opt out of our Email Club.

How come I never received anything for my child's birthday?
You may have entered your child's birthday information incorrectly when you joined the Email Club. Please check your profile to make sure this information is correct.

How do I unsubscribe from the Chuck E. Cheese's Email Club?
You can unsubscribe on our Email Club webpage or through all newsletters you receive from us. Click unsubscribe on the “sign up for coupons” page or click opt-out within a Chuck E. Cheese’s email.

What happens when I unsubscribe or opt out of the Chuck E. Cheese's Email Club?
Once you unsubscribe you will no longer receive marketing emails from Chuck E. Cheese's. However, if you reserve a party at one of our locations we will send you emails to confirm your transaction.